Got What You Need To Help Others Create Mental & Emotional Balance?

Our everyday lives are transforming at breakneck speed. If you’re over 30, you know the life you knew growing up is definitely a thing of the past.

As the world keeps speeding us into ‘more, better, and faster’, it creates a dramatic challenge for the average person’s mental and emotional balance. The degree of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and depression has increased at a staggering velocity, birthing new addictions, unfamiliar challenges, and unsettling confusions.

The quest for a fresh way to manage this avalanche of new problems has spawned greater interest in religion, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, conscious awakening, and personal transformation.

To keep up with these emerging issues, it is useful to keep exploring the newest models, methods, processes, and techniques capable of responding to the concerns of today.

In the rush to manage this explosion of stress and overwhelm, we have discovered the necessity of four-pillars-morguefile-1000x751what we call The 4 Pillars. We have found these to be essential for anyone aiming to help others (and themselves) in our new and rapidly changing world.

With some degree of expertise in each of these areas, you can more easily and correctly identify your client’s issues, how they perceive and manage their problems, and what is at the root of their belief that they are not able to engage their life in the way they desire.

Pillar One – Equanimity
• Love
• Compassion
• Kindness

Pillar Two – Discernment & Discrimination
• Perceptual Flexibility
• Diagnostic Patterns
• Multiple Models of Mental & Emotional Well Being
• Techniques, Processes, & Tools For Rapid Change
• The Impact of Neurological Re-Coding & Brain Chemistry
• Linguistic Impact on Shifting Behavior & Perception

Pillar Three – Spirit & Soul
• Meditation
• Contemplation
• Mindfulness
• Conscious Living

Pillar Four – Personal Growth & Transformation
• Enneagram
• Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine
• Paradox Management
• Perceptual & Behavioral Flexibility
• Dissolving Effects of Unconscious Childhood Cosmology
• Enhancing Effects of Consciously Created New Cosmology
• Awareness of Our Dual Identity As Both Human & Divine

In today’s world, the challenges to mental and emotional balance require these tools in your repertoire. Because our modern world seems to hold efficacy as an extremely high value, the more effective and efficient you are, the more successful you can be.

But here are the important questions:    fruit-clock-morguefile

Are you certain you have what you need to offer practical, effective, and speedy results?

Do you believe there is as much fruit to harvest from interventions that produce fast results?

Don’t believe fast behavioral change can be as effective, deep, or sustainable as change gathered over a longer period of time?

If so, it may be your only course of action is to try it out and see for yourself. The challenges of our new and fast paced world are calling for the inclusion of your hard-earned skill and expertise.  They are sorely needed.

May Your Professional Explorations Expand The Presence of  Joy & Mindfulness In All That You Do,

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