The 4 Pillars Of Today’s Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being

pic-4-colored-puzzle-piecesThe 21st Century is already dramatically different from the last.

The degree of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and depression has increased at a staggering speed, birthing new addictions, unfamiliar challenges, and unsettling confusions.

The quest for a fresh way to manage this seeming avalanche of new problems has spawned greater interest in religion, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, conscious awakening, and personal transformation. We subscribe to the need to keep up with these emerging issues by learning an additional set of models, methods, processes, and techniques capable of responding to the concerns of today.

These are the 4 Pillars we believe are essential for anyone aiming to help others (and themselves) in our new and rapidly changing world.

pic-puzzle-iconPillar One – Equanimity

• Love
• Compassion
• Kindness

pic-puzzle-iconPillar Two – Discernment & Discrimination

• Perceptual Flexibility
• Diagnostic Patterns
• Multiple Models of Mental & Emotional Well Being
• Techniques, Processes, & Tools For Rapid Change
• The Impact of Neurological Re-Coding & Brain Chemistry
• Linguistic Impact on Shifting Behavior & Perception

pic-puzzle-iconPillar Three – Spirit & Soul

• Meditation
• Contemplation
• Mindfulness
• Conscious Living

pic-puzzle-iconPillar Four – Personal Growth & Transformation

• Enneagram
• Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine
• Paradox Management
• Perceptual & Behavioral Flexibility
• Dissolving Effects of Unconscious Childhood Cosmology
• Enhancing Effects of Consciously Created New Cosmology
• Awareness of Our Dual Identity As Both Human & Divine

Our trainings, groups, and certification programs are designed to recognize and utilize all 4 Pillars.

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