Paradox Management Certification

Gregory Bateson, author of Towards An Ecology Of Mind, postulated that resolving paradoxical dilemma is what propels us through different stages of evolution.

The PM model will help you develop the capacity to identity when your client is stuck in irreconcilable conflict, and to help them discover another dimension of reality that can integrate these inner tugs-of-war.

“Now that Gregory Bateson has died, one of the greatest living experts on the reconciliation of paradoxical dilemma is Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, the author of the book Facticity  and Unflappable. Through decades of studying Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, she has developed a very sophisticated method of resolving paradox and resistance.” – Arjuna Ardagh, The Translucent Revolution

Want to continue fulfilling your desire to be the best professional you can be? Even more effectively help your clients get free of the pain and confusion of double binds in the most life-changing way? Be able to offer eye-opening new perspectives in loving and simple language that can transform their personal world and our world at large?

A Quantum Leap

You make a quantum leap toward these outcomes when you add Paradox Management to your collection of pragmatic and transformational tools. This premier approach helps your clients free themselves from the limitations and pain of those imprisoning double binds that keep returning, again and again.

A model embracing the release of both conscious and unconscious double binds can save the day when:

pic-sword-iconyour client is fixated on the anxiety and guilt of those painful either/or decisions we’re forced to make
pic-sword-iconyour client remains stuck, moving back and forth between seemingly unmovable perspectives
pic-sword-iconyou’re feeling frustrated & sad because you’ve exhausted your set of tools and techniques & don’t know what else to do

Paradox Management offers an alternative world view – and a precise and proven 6-Step Process to help your client make this new perspective their own.

You’ll be able to offer relief from a deep level of human suffering with a map that details exactly how to do it. Your client will discover how to peacefully, yet actively, move in a world teeming with unresolvable predicaments, the vagueness of ambiguity, and constant uncertainty.

pic-heart-icon-smallEnhance your capacity to:

• Efficiently and effectively free your clients from a fixed position
• Offer new, life-changing perspectives that make daily life more workable and manageable
• Guide your client toward balance & integration of body, mind, & spirit
• Do it all without imposing your own set of personal beliefs and values

A Wise & Compassionate Pioneer

Having the Paradox Management model in your tool bag places you as a wise and compassionate pioneer. When requested, you’ll offer your clients much more than a simple motivation strategy or support as an accountability partner.

You’ll provide a whole new perspective on how to live a happier, centered, and more mindful life.

You’ll literally welcome unhappiness and feeling unfulfilled and stuck as a necessary part of the human journey. Thus it offers a different perspective, a new way to view the world and ourselves in it.  It is simple, yet profound – complex, yet superficial. It is a paradox itself.

Here’s my question to you: Can you truly serve your client’s highest and best interest without helping them learn to recognize and manage the paradox of double binds?

In the presence of such global turmoil and personal emotional distress, it’s harder and harder for the average person to stay centered, balanced, and on track with their goals. Paradox Management makes you a guide into the new future we’re desiring to create together.

Once this model becomes yours, you know how to help others recognize this frustrating situation for what it is. And then, you know how to give them the solution that releases the frustration and confusion, and restore the peace of mind we all desire.

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