Mentoring & Consulting

pic-developing-skill-balance-660x450Ragini offers mentoring for coaches, NLP Practitioners, therapists, consultants, and hypnotherapists

Groups are limited to 6 individuals and participation in all meetings is requested to maintain the integrity of the group learning experience.

pic-puzzle-iconHere are are a few things you could learn and/or get support for:

Advanced NLP Techniques
Integrating Energy Techniques Into Your Practice
• How To Use Energy Models of Intervention for Depression & Anxiety
• Continued Support For The Attitudes & Techniques of NLP & Waking Hypnosis
• Tips For Utilizing The Enneagram Model in your practice
• How To Build & Maintain New Realities For The Client’s Future
• Sharpening Rapport Skills
How To Introduce & Utilize Muscle Testing With Your Clients
How To Introduce Energy Psychology Tools – What they are & when to use them
• How To Utilize Energy Psychology Tools
• Advanced Language Patterns To Identify & Manage Paradox
• Advanced Language Patterns For Quick Re-Framing
• Determining Outcomes & Strategies For Success
• Assessing your own degree of balance between confidence and competence
Working with addiction
• Releasing Loss & Violence Traumas
Managing challenging presenting problems and/or resistant clients
• Building your private practice
• Identifying & Utilizing Sensory Representational Systems To Create A New Future
• De-hypnosis and its role in Meditation, Mindfulness, & Spiritual Living

pic-puzzle-iconRagini offers the majority of her programs via Zoom – an online meeting tool that allows you to BOTH talk  AND see each other.

pic-puzzle-iconBoth audio and video recordings are created and made available to participants only – whether individual consulting or small groups.

pic-puzzle-iconRagini generally limits the size of these groups to a maximum of 6 thus creating the space and time for personal attention to be given to each participant.

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