Emotional Freedom & The Enneagram

Do you watch your client’s suffer the effects of their personality, without them having any way to understand what’s happening, or to change it?

Do you have the tools you need to help them find their way to a new sense of self?

The Enneagram is an ancient model designed to explore and understand the personality.

Its current popularity lies in the assignment of 9 personality types, replete with traits and tendencies that help us better understand why we behave and feel the way we do.

It has become popular in business and for individuals who wish to know more about how their personality type influences their ups and downs.

The Enneagram’s original function was to support the creation of distance from the personality in order to discover what lies beyond it.

Regardless of one’s personal views on what might rest beyond our minds, this model offers practical concepts and understandings for healing, personal growth, and transformation.

We offer two levels of training in how to utilize this powerful and insightful model.

pic-puzzle-iconLevel One:  The Enneagram & Limiting Identities: Healing The Wounds Of The 9 Personality Types

Developed by Dr. Judith Swack: This model draws on the attitudes and knowledge of immunology, kinesthiology, NLP, and hypnosis.

Taught by certified trainer: Karen Jackson-Forbes, & assisted by Ragini Michaels, also trained in HBLU and the Enneagram

Dates are forthcoming.
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pic-puzzle-iconLevel Two: Discovering & Utilizing The Enneagram Holy Ideas In Daily Life

Developed by Ragini Michaels: This model draws on A.H. Almass’s Diamond Work approach to the Holy Ideas, and Ragini’s original NLP model of mystic psychology and the power of developing a paradoxical perspective when viewing our dueling identities as both human and divine.

Dates Are Forthcoming.
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