pic-4-puzzle-pieces-blue-660x450Read What Past Participants Have to Say About Their Trainers & These Trainings

pic-puzzle-icon“Immediately useful tools clearly taught, easily grasped and life changing!” — Wendy Rawlings, HBLU Trainer, Therapist, WA

pic-puzzle-icon“In 17 years, this is the most positive, energetic and experientially exhilarating training I have every had.  AND, I can use everything I learned!  Thank you!” — Birohnie Dowdell, Therapist, WA

pic-puzzle-icon“Excellent training!  Excellent trainer!” — Jeanne Beavis, Therapist, OR

pic-puzzle-icon“I didn’t anticipate I would break up some old belief systems and receive such a profound healing around a very personal goal and identity.” — Mim Collins, Therapist, WA

pic-puzzle-icon“Most valuable information was how to get to the Identity level and to help change limiting identities!” — Trish Faddis, Therapist, WA

pic-puzzle-icon“I had the pleasure of studying Neuro-Lingusitic Programming with Ragini Michaels. She is truly a master of her craft. Ragini shares a wealth of information, while also making her classes fun. My work with Ragini has been life-changing and I will forever be thankful for her guidance. If you are considering studying with Ragini, by all means, do it!” — Jean Hamilton, Founder/Principle of Speaking Results

pic-puzzle-icon“Now I love NLP, thanks to Ragini’s approach to teaching it. She helped me answer all my objections and integrate it into my own style of working.”  — Nirved Wilson, Therapist, Scotland

pic-puzzle-icon“NLP renews the value of language (talk) in therapy.” — Leslie Chertok, Therapist, WA

pic-puzzle-icon“This seminar has the capacity to elicit profound shifts in the individual’s consciousness.  It helped me clarify a number of personal issues in a very short period of time. Extremely useful and perfectly organized!” — Irina Masinovsky, Interpretor/Translator, WA

pic-puzzle-icon“I learned a tremendous amount in such a short time!  This workshop opened and expanded my horizons as a counselor.  It also provided a vehicle for me to do some of own personal work with amazing results!” — Aerial Long, Therapist, OR

pic-puzzle-icon“Excellent blend of presentation and practice opportunities.  I have benefited greatly from your mastery, both technically and experientially, professionally and personally!” — John Stacey, Ph.D., Psychologist, OR

pic-puzzle-icon“Great!  I had trepidations about learning NLP, but the way the material was presented and Ragini’s presence made the workshop and the information really work.  Ragini’s ability to be non-defensive and loving, her clear understanding of the material and the clear communication to us made me feel like I really got it, and enjoyed myself at the same time.” — Hilary Farberow-Stuart, Therapist, OR

pic-puzzle-icon“Very clear and step-by-step presentation of complicated material in a short period of time.” — Rhonda Busby, Midwife, Enneagram Trainer & EP Practitioner, WA

pic-puzzle-icon“I loved it!  I got a lot out of the seminar.  Time flew by.  It was well organized and I loved watching Ragini work and the emotional support she provided!” — Kory Kapitta, Therapist, WA

pic-puzzle-icon“Not only were all the techniques adequately addressed, but the HBLU framework was held up for reference!  Ragini is engaging, gentle, safe, and masterful as a teacher and practitioner.” — Wanda Tucker, Therapist, OR


I did my first NLP Training 25 years ago and Ragini was a brilliant and inspiring teacher.She supported my curiousity and with humour and patience answered all my questions. Her inspiration and support has laid the foundation for my own teaching institute in Hamburg,Germany.— Prabodhi G. Mildenberg, ISNLP Hamburg


“Exciting and fun!  The workshop was clear, concise and full of applicable material for  therapeutic practice.” — Janez Buffington, Therapist, OR

pic-puzzle-icon“So clear!  Creative, very useful teaching.  I can see how NLP and  HBLU support other practices as well.  Great interventions and wonderful instruction.” — Sara Staehle, Therapist, CA

pic-puzzle-icon“In 17 years, this has been by far the best training I have ever attended!” — Birohnie Dowdell, Therapist, WA

pic-puzzle-icon“Unexpectedly fun, useful, and personally impactful.” — Sue Hutchins, Psy.D., OR

pic-puzzle-icon“Nicely blended material with personal insights, concepts and experiences.  Ragini has a great smile and humor.  She made it look easy and convinced me that it just might be!” — Kathleen Rose, Therapist, OR

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