Can You Move Time Around To Get Your Client Where They Want To Go?

Time’s a funny thing, isn’t it? Some days there’s not enough to get everything done. On other days, we have too much of it on our hands.

It can move terrifyingly fast – or excruciatingly slow. You can waste it, save it, or run out of it. And, it can even completely disappear freeing us to just enjoy ’what is’ without a glance toward the past or future.

When most clients enter my office, they aren’t really coming with a dream they want to manifest, a confusion they want to clarify, or a concrete goal they want to reach. I say this because they plop down on my big, comfy couch, reach for their glass of water, and start to talk about what’s wrong, painful, or just not working.

The Ever Present Element of Time

When we share our stories, the element of time is always present. The issues we want to discuss and change have actually happened somewhere in the past, or are living out there in a possible and usually terrifying potential future.

When you realize that nothing in your client’s mind exists outside of time, you’ve opened the door to a powerful addition to your professional tool bag.file0001133230199

Exploring problems, predicaments, and dilemmas from the angle of time offers an easy way to quickly help your clients find their own clarifications and solutions.

Anything arising in the mind is always about the past or the future. Even when we think we’re in the moment, the fact that we’re thinking indicates we’re not. Confusing?  Continue reading