Certification & Other Trainings

Remember that client you didn’t know how to help? Or the one whose reality stretched so far outside your own you felt uneasy and fearful of defeat?

Embracing multiple models grants you the essential key to success in these sticky and challenging situations. That key is perceptual flexibility, or freedom to easily navigate multiple points of view.

Enhance your credibility. Enjoy the confidence of knowing you can reach in your tool bag and pull out the approach that perfectly suits your client and their problem.

icon-small-blue-arrowPlease scroll down and click on one of the five truly ingenious models we offer for your exploration and professional delight. All models taught by the originator or certified trainer.

NLP Coach Facilitator

Coaching is a powerful tool.  And NLP offers you – whether a coach, therapist, or consultant, the additional opportunity to expand your conscious use of language.  This additional skill dramatically increases your effectiveness and your success in helping others reach their goals more efficiently. NLP is the study of human subjectivity.  It heightens your ability … Continue reading NLP Coach Facilitator

NLP Practitioner Certification

Today you have multiple opportunities to learn the art and science of NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Want to study with the creators of the NLP model (Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts & Judith DeLozia), but don’t want to travel to attend an intensive training? Well, here’s the good news! You can take advantage of … Continue reading NLP Practitioner Certification

Paradox Management Certification

Gregory Bateson, author of Towards An Ecology Of Mind, postulated that resolving paradoxical dilemma is what propels us through different stages of evolution. The PM model will help you develop the capacity to identity when your client is stuck in irreconcilable conflict, and to help them discover another dimension of reality that can integrate these … Continue reading Paradox Management Certification

The Genius Of Mystic Psychology

This amazing 8 week on-line training is an excellent source of guidance for your personal growth and transformation. Based on Ragini’s original NLP model of mystic psychology, the course guides you through a specific 6-Step Process that helps you shift your personal psychology to match the psychology of the mystics. Why is this relevant to … Continue reading The Genius Of Mystic Psychology