Hang Out With Ragini

pic-on-top-of-world-1Schedule time with Ragini from anywhere in the world.

Join an on-going group, set up your own group with 3 to 5 participants, or simply work with Ragini one-on-one.

Become An Even Better Coach, Counselor, or Hypnotherapist.

Expand Your Skills, Grow Your Practice, &  Deepen Your Own Sense Of Self & Life.

Enjoy professional expertise based on over 35 years of experience, including a private practice and training individuals all around the globe in the art of (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Paradox Management.


Simply email Ragini@ToHelpYouHelpOthers.com or give her a call at 425 462 4369.

For Private Mentoring

Ragini believes in personalized training for each student, honoring their specific strengths and weaknesses. Just let her know what category of mentoring you’d like and how you’d like to go about it.  Then together you will clarify the specifics of the outcome you desire, how long it might require, how often to meet, and on what day and time.

For Small Groups

Whether you’re joining an on-going group, or creating one of your own, just let Ragini know what you’d like to do and she’ll work with you to get it going.  If you do want to start a small group of your own with Ragini as your guide, send her an outline of what you’d like to accomplish and she’ll reply back to you with 48 hours. No long waiting around. Just submit what you want to achieve and together you’ll work out the appropriate details.

How It Works

You’ll work with Ragini via Zoom where you can BOTH talk to each other AND see each other. All conversations are recorded, both audio and video, so you can have it for your future reference.  All you need is an internet connection and then you can access Zoom via Mac, PC, Tablet, iPhone, or Android.

A wonderful way to work online, both for individuals and for small groups.

Investment:   –  Negotiable –

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Getting Started

pic-puzzle-iconCall or text Ragini at 425 462 4369 or email her at Ragini@ToHelpYouHelpOthers.com


pic-puzzle-iconRagini’s small groups are designed for individual in-depth skill development.  If you can learn from listening to others as well as from your own concerns, this is a great opportunity you will want to experience.


pic-puzzle-icon Ragini’s ability to shape her facilitation to the contours of her student’s and client’s personal reality is not only a joy to experience.  It is also a direct learning experience for how to apply the basic and advanced tools of coaching, hypnosis, language, and rapport in general.

If you have any further questions, please:

Email: Ragini@ToHelpYouHelpOthers.com
Telephone: 001 425 462 4369
Skype Ragini at: ragini.michaels