You Will Be Notified!

Thanks for expressing your interest in my new Podcast beginning soon –

Love In Action: Inspired NLP To Help You Help Others.

As soon as the first podcasts are available, I’ll send you an email with the links you’ll need to find me.

I really appreciate your interest and your support.

I’ve been told I should be doing this for quite awhile now. So I’m finally taking the plunge.  When the first episodes are up and running, I’d love to know what you think. Feedback is always good, whether it’s great, or not so great.

Thanks again.

Much love,

One thought on “You Will Be Notified!

  1. Thanking you, Ragini, very kindly for the wonderful work that you continue to do.
    Says Kahil Gibran, “work is love made visible”.
    You beauty!

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