The Art Of Rapport

  • Ever wonder why clients decide to work with you?
  • Why those complementary calls don’t seem to be working as you expected?
  • Why after a great conversation, potential clients don’t follow through with scheduling an appointment?
  • Why existing clients don’t set up return visits?

The most common reason these things happen is a lack of rapport. You definitely want a thumbs up and NOT a thumbs down!

Rapport is not established just because someone likes you.

In the unique world of coaching and accelerated behavioral change :

Rapport is defined as the art of establishing communication with your client’s
unconscious mind.

You can expand your skill set and include the tools that invite rapport with the client’s unconscious mind. When you understand rapport as more than being liked by your client, you enter the powerful realm of artistry and the freedom to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Effectively and efficiently working with others is an art. But it is an art that is more easily and quickly developed than you think.

Embracing the art of rapport is the quintessential skill for the successful coach.

The information you need is always right there. Rapport guarantees that you can access it!

The presence of this ability can make your career.

Its absence can break your career. Or keep it tethered to the ground and unable to soar!

Learn Why Rapport
Is The Fundamental Key To Your Success

Every wonder why you are:

  • A little nervous about becoming a coach?
  • Secretly a bit ambivalent about when it comes to seeing new clients?
  • At a loss to understand why your very ‘easy’ client suddenly became ‘difficult’?
  • Sensing that you lost your client somewhere along the way and don’t know why or how?
  • A little afraid of taking on a client who seems resistant to doing the work, yet wants the change they’re asking for?
  • Suddenly confident that someone falls into the category of ‘uncoachable’?
  • Certain your client isn’t ‘ready’ to do the work they need to do to get the change they want?

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Three Ideas To Stay Away From

These concerns I noted above have helped to develop three very unhelpful notions. And my concern is that these ideas have become all too prevalent and accepted in the world of coaching.

Because these ideas provide the coach with a reason for the appearance of all of the above stated concerns, they have the power to interrupt the coaching process, often before it truly begins.

When left unchallenged, these ideas can become the stated reason why the coach is not able to get the client to their stated goal – leaving you feeling a bit lost, confused, and frustrated.

Too frequently I hear the following 3 notions as the reason a client is not reaching their goal. And, why the coach is helpful to make it different.

      • The first most pervasive notion is that it is possible for a client to be ‘uncoachable’.

      • The second most pervasive notion is that the client isn’t ready to make the change they say they want.

      • And the third most pervasive notion is that the client doesn’t really want to change.

These all translate into the notion that somehow the problem is with the client. That may or may not a part of the situation.

With the proper skills, these three ideas lose their power and sense of truthfulness.

The coach remains free to dive into the what is now an open book – and help the client keep moving toward their goal.

When a coach embraces these three ideas as the ‘truth’ about their client, their value and usefulness to the client disappears.

All clients automatically become ‘coachable’ when you know how to establish rapport with their unconscious mind.

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