pic-4-colored-puzzle-piecesThe mental emotional health definition for the 21st Century is already dramatically different from the 20th Century.

What is today’s mental emotional health definition?

People’s degree of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and depression has increased at a staggering speed. This has given birth to new addictions, unfamiliar challenges, and unsettling confusions.

There is an incredible wave of polarization sweeping the world. This requires coaches and other people helpers to be able to work with it. And where appropriate, mitigate this powerful and limiting way of looking at things that only leads to fear and/or frustration.

Our changing world has triggered a quest for fresh ways to manage the avalanche of our new problems. These include greater interest in religion, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, conscious awakening, and personal transformation.

I am dedicated to helping you keep up with these emerging issues. So I strongly encourage exploring new tools and perspectives. Especially those tools that grant you the skill to deliver ‘Love In Action’.

To deliver ‘Love In Action’, desire is not enough.

SKILL is essential.

These are the 4 Pillars fundamental for helping others (and yourself) in our new and rapidly changing world & emerging mental emotional health definition.

pic-puzzle-iconPillar One – Peace & Equanimity

• Love
• Compassion
• Kindness

Equanimity is defined as a state of calm that creates an evenness of mind, composure, being even-tempered, and emotionally balanced.  It is up to us to develop this state. And essential to this state is some semblance of love, compassion, kindness, and understanding.

Of course, people assign many different definitions to the word ‘love’.

We define ‘love in action’ as an active and demonstrable respect and acceptance for your client’s world view.

This means ‘Love In Action’ is definable.

And for me, that translates into skill.  Or, the ability to truly communicate’Love In Action’ in your behavior –
verbally & non-verbally.

With this kind of ‘love’ in hand,  the actions of equanimity, compassion and kindness naturally flow.

pic-puzzle-iconPillar Two – Discernment & Discrimination For Inner Harmony

• Perceptual Flexibility
• Multiple Models of Mental, Emotional Health & Well Being
• Techniques, Processes, & Tools For Rapid Change
• The Secret To Evoking Neurological Re-Coding & Brain Chemistry
The Power of Linguistic Impact (Conversation) to Coaching & Behavioral Change

Whether obvious or obscured, structure is at the base of all things.

Discrimination frees you to separate structure from the process it holds.

Discernment frees you to perceive which structures of mental emotional health are fixed, and need to become flexible.

To honor our notion of ‘love’ as defined above requires a certain set of skills. These skills empower you to sketch the structure of your client’s personal reality so you can work within it.

Because every human being
lives in their own unique and personal version of reality,
discernment and discrimination are critical skills.

pic-puzzle-iconPillar Three – Spirit & Soul For Wholeness 

• Meditation
• Contemplation
• Mindfulness
• Conscious Living

There are as many ways to define these two notions (spirit & soul) as there are people in the world. However, regardless of how they’re defined, every person struggles with the existential questions of life.

Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning and purpose?

The way your client answers these questions impacts their mental emotional health definition. And this impacts their sense of well-being. And that influences how they experience every moment and every movement of their life.

Coaching challenges the coach to stay present to the client’s views on Spirit and Soul, and not your own.  This is a big challenge for most of us.

It’s hard to contemplate the idea that your spiritual beliefs are not sacred truth.  Instead they are beliefs about spirit and soul we have adopted  because we do not know the real truth.

So the pull to share your own convictions must be set aside.  To do that, conscious exploration of the above listed skills are invaluable.

pic-puzzle-iconPillar Four – Personal Growth & Transformation For Balance & Harmony

The Spiritual Dimension of The Enneagram
• Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine
• Paradox Management/Mental Emotional Health Definition via Balancing In the Middle Way
• Perceptual & Behavioral Flexibility
• Dissolving Effects of Unconscious Childhood Cosmology
• Enhancing Effects of Consciously Created New Cosmology
• Awareness of Our Dual Identity As Both Human & Divine

Because you cannot actually separate personal growth & spiritual growth, transformation enters the scene. But what are we out to transform? The body? The mind? The emotions? Or is it the way we see things? Our perspective or viewpoint?  All of these affect our mental, emotional health & well-being.

First, be cautious in offering transformation if you do not know how to deliver it.

Second, what is transformation for one may be nothing but a hiccup for another.

Third, discern the specific transformation your client is seeking.

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to recognize and utilize all 4 Pillars.

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