Thank You For Joining My Affiliate Program

Your Affiliate Information:

I have received your request to become an affiliate for my NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training.  I’d like to thank you for your support and look forward to creating a successful partnership.

As the day for final enrollment approaches, I will send you the copy as promised for the emails, Facebook and Twitter posts outlined in the Affiliate program.  Again, feel free to tweak these to represent the flavor of you and your audience.  And if this isn’t the right style for you, plan out your own strategy and go from there.

Just be sure to include your UNIQUE AFFILIATE LINK in all of your promotional efforts.

Sales Pages for NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training:

You have the option of sending your people to one of two different sales pages for the program.

The first is located at website.

The second is located on the educational platform where the training will unfold –  

Feel free to pick and choose any copy from these pages should you decide to compose your own emails and posts on Facebook and Twitter.

You will receive an email from me shortly with your log in information and link to your Affiliate Page to pick up your Unique Affiliate Link.

Thank you again for your support.

Much Love,