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“A wonderful & wild ride discovering the communication style of NLP – such a refreshing perspective!  Ragini brought forth a lifetime of awareness and talent in succinctly conveying explanation, dialogue, and techniques.  An awesome experience to be empowered with this new knowledge & how to intertwine it with my own style & flair. I had a fantastic experience being a part of Ragini’s inaugural NLP online training and feel its value is worth every bit of my time required & the financial investment.” — Susan J. Dardas, NLP Life Coach, Harrison, Arkansas

pic-puzzle-iconI loved it!  Time flew by.  The NLP material was well organized and I loved watching Ragini work and the emotional support she provided!” — Kory Kapitta, Therapist, WA


“While the online structure of this NLP Coach training was very useful, the most important element is Ragini – her expertise, experience, professional approach, dedication to her students, caring manner, and even her humor. Modules and instructional videos covered all the foundation material.  Then Ragini guided us and shared in group calls her invaluable insights from her many years of personal experience. It was so effective that I had client referrals immediately during my certification phase!  All in under a year! An outstanding program that has freed me to bring my many years of work experience into a whole new arena.” — Anita Belitz Krasniqi, NLP Business Coach & Consultant, Switzerland

pic-puzzle-iconNot only were all the techniques adequately addressed, but the framework was held up for reference!  Ragini is engaging, gentle, safe, and masterful as a teacher and practitioner.” — Wanda Tucker, Therapist, OR


“I experienced a depth and passion hard to find in this world – Ragini is a great role model.  I would rate the training and the NLP material excellent.” — Larry Ransom, MA, OD, Executive Coach & Founder/CEO of The Synergy Network

pic-puzzle-icon“Great!  I had trepidations about learning NLP, but the way the material was presented, and Ragini’s presence, made the training and the information really work.  Ragini’s ability to be non-defensive and loving, her clear understanding of the material and the clear communication to us made me feel like I really got it, and enjoyed myself at the same time.” — Hilary Farberow-Stuart, Therapist, OR

pic-puzzle-icon“Ragini’s online NLP Coach training far exceeded my already-high expectations for content & structure. Although I’ve been a Spiritual Director for years, certified Enneagram teacher, & Dream facilitator, NLP expanded my map of reality in ways I could never have imagined. For anyone serious about helping others & raising consciousness in our times, I highly recommend this training …” — Robin L. Cameron, Sedona, Arizona

pic-puzzle-icon“This NLP training was great! Worth at least ten times what it cost. It’s given me tools to improve myself and my relationships….Worth more than money – and Ragini made it so easy.” — Dave Grout, Bremerton, WA

pic-puzzle-iconJean Hamilton

“I had the pleasure of studying Neuro-Lingusitic Programming with Ragini Michaels. She is truly a master of her craft. Ragini shares a wealth of information, while also making her classes fun. My work with Ragini has been life-changing and I will forever be thankful for her guidance. If you are considering studying with Ragini, by all means, do it!” — Jean Hamilton, Founder/Principle of Speaking Results


“Empowering, satisfying, well taught, supportive and fun! This training is excellent!”
Craig Hough, Connecticut

pic-puzzle-iconNirved 2013

“Now I love NLP, thanks to Ragini’s approach to teaching it. She helped me answer all my objections and integrate it into my own style of working. I’m so glad I decided to take the leap and jump into something brand new to me.”  — Nirved Wilson, Therapist, Scotland


“NLP is a powerful and practical model – and this was an excellent course. The trainers’ modeling of the NLP material was congruent with what was taught. The clear, quality instruction was exquisite, and grounded in professionalism and integrity.” — Margaret Fetter, Therapist, Germany


Lorenzo Clemente Yoganand“The NLP training with Ragini Michaels has been a great opportunity to deeply understand the power of communication. It has also been a door to discover my own competences. I recommend her for the skills she can transmit and her sense of ethics.” — Lorenzo Clemente, Specialized Educator, Switzerland

pic-puzzle-icon“This NLP seminar has the capacity to elicit profound shifts in the individual’s consciousness.  It helped me clarify a number of personal issues in a very short period of time. Extremely useful and perfectly organized!” — Irina Masinovsky, Interpretor/Translator, WA

pic-puzzle-iconprabpodhi mildenberg
“I did my first NLP training 25 years ago and Ragini was a brilliant and inspiring teacher. She supported my curiosity, and with humor and patience answered all my questions. Her inspiration and support has laid the foundation for my own teaching institute in Hamburg, Germany.” — Prabodhi G. Mildenberg, ISNLP Hamburg

pic-puzzle-icon“You have helped me discern the finer distinctions of the NLP model by seeing your modeling of excellence in action.” — Jeffrey Taler, Counselor, England

pic-puzzle-iconteresa 2

“I highly recommend Ragini’s NLP training. It is a course offering far more than any comparable NLP program.  Masterful, elegant delivery of NLP and Ericksonian style hypnosis. This course gave me the elegant distinctions in NLP that I wanted.” —Teresa Dahl, Coach & Senior Microsoft Recruiter, Washington

pic-puzzle-icon“In 17 years, this is the most positive, energetic and experientially exhilarating training I have every had.  AND, I can use everything I learned!  Thank you!” — Birohnie Dowdell, Therapist, WA


cropped CJ“Ragini is the best teacher I have ever encountered. She spoiled me for all the rest. A great model of the material, delivered with patience and heart. If you want to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I  recommend you definitely study with Ragini.”  — CJ Liu, Business Coach, Radio Show Host: Fire It Up With CJ

pic-puzzle-icon“Refreshing to be taught by someone with a depth of knowledge & wisdom far beyond the material taught.” — Karen Jones, Coach, USA

pic-puzzle-iconLeslie Chertok

“NLP renews the value of language (talk) in therapy. Excellent training! Excellent trainer!” — Leslie Chertok, Therapist, WA


“Excellent blend of presentation and practice opportunities.  I have benefited greatly from your mastery, both technically and experientially, professionally and personally!” — John Stacey, Ph.D., Psychologist, OR


Image result for suryo gardner images“Training in NLP gave me a specific set of skills that gave me the power to get faster results with my clients. I understood more of how to get what I needed from my client’s conscious and unconscious mind. Ragini is best trainer and personal mentor I have experienced. When asked who is the best person to learn NLP from, my first response is always Ragini – without question.” — Suryo Linda Gardner, MA, BodyTalk Practictioner & Teacher, Washington

pic-puzzle-icon“Nicely blended material with personal insights, concepts and experiences.  Ragini has a great smile and humor.  She made NLP look easy and convinced me that it just might be!” — Kathleen Rose, Therapist, OR

pic-puzzle-iconKirk“Ragini’s coaching & mentoring provided a rich learning environment in a crucial time of my life. I enthusiastically recommend both her counseling/coaching one-on-one work, as well as her seminars and workshops.” — Kirk VandenBerghe, Positive Projections, Coach & Mentor, Washington

pic-puzzle-iconI didn’t anticipate I would break up some old belief systems and receive such a profound healing around a very personal goal and identity.” — Mim Collins, Therapist, WA

pic-puzzle-icon“I studied with the all famous Ragini Elizabeth Michaels in Mallorca, and became a certified NLP Master Practitioner as well as receiving her certification in Hypnosis. The weather was very bad. BUT … Ragini was just amazing. Best NLP teacher ever; even better than the founder, Mr. Richard Bandler.”  — Neelamber Amrit, Self Employed, Germany

pic-puzzle-icon“Most valuable information was how to get to the Identity level and to help change limiting identities!” — Trish Faddis, Therapist, WA


“Juicy and heartfelt! Elegant and very professional!  Thank you so much.” — Arpana Greenwood, Germany & India,  NLP Master Trainer/ Emotional Intelligence and NLP

pic-puzzle-icon“I learned a tremendous amount in such a short time!  This workshop opened and expanded my horizons as a counselor.  It also provided a vehicle for me to do some of own personal work with amazing results!” — Aerial Long, Therapist, OR

pic-puzzle-icon“I loved the integrated approach! All the pieces just fit together. Super organized with easy to follow demonstrations. Ragini is a great teacher. Patient, fun, & a consistent display of rapport skills and flexibility. A high rating for credibility!” — Tom Dearth, Corporate Trainer, Professional Speaker, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

pic-puzzle-icon“Very clear and step-by-step presentation of complicated material in a short period of time.” — Rhonda Busby, Midwife, Enneagram Trainer & EP Practitioner, WA

pic-puzzle-icon“In my previous exposure to NLP, I was put off by the approach. This training blends NLP and a greater perspective. And Ragini is a wonderful trainer.  Patient, present, kind, and most importantly, skilled. I recommend her programs without reservation.” — Karen Jackson-Forbes,  HBLU Trainer & Therapist, Seattle, WA


“Exciting and fun!  The workshop was clear, concise and full of applicable material for  therapeutic practice.” — Janez Buffington, Therapist, OR

pic-puzzle-icon“So clear!  Creative, very useful teaching.  I can see how NLP and  HBLU support other practices as well.  Great interventions and wonderful instruction.” — Sara Staehle, Therapist, CA

pic-puzzle-icon“In 17 years, this has been by far the best training I have ever attended!” — Birohnie Dowdell, Therapist, WA

pic-puzzle-icon“Unexpectedly fun, useful, and personally impactful.” — Sue Hutchins, Psy.D., OR

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