NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Now that you have your basic NLP perspectives and tools, what’s next? Is what you now have enough to build that long term success and financial stability you desire?

Here’s the thing.

Human beings have a wide range of issues they want help resolving:  Double Binds, Co-Dependency, Shame, Guilt, Specific Personality Quirks, Addictions, Compulsions, and many more.

And today, they want their desired resolution as quickly as possible.  Training to become an NLP Master Practitioner includes how to handle the majority of those issues with advanced processes and techniques.

I will be offering this training again starting in 2020.  Until that time, you are invited to continue learning advanced NLP applications in my new Membership Site:

Love In Action: Inspired NLP for Creativity Junkies – How Helping Others Also Helps You
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The Specialties I Bring To Your Advanced Training

Advanced Behavioral Change:

Often a change in behavior is a bit more complicated than23201645_s you first thought. As a coach or consultant, these are times when a specific road map can be very helpful.

But some roads that lead to a root cause are very convoluted.  It’s much easier when you have a structure to guide you through the unwinding process.

Part of what I offer is that structure to keep you from getting lost in the twists and turns of your client’s reality and losing sight of the outcome or goal your client wants.

Clients often need to know that some behavior changes are not as simple as they thought – AND – it’s not you, or them, that are slowing down the process. It’s the fact that the result they want might have to be uncovered so that it is finally free to emerge.  Or, it’s gotten itself so entwined in the client’s way of living, it’s now a life style. So whether you’re a client or a coach, never give up hope that you can create the result you want.

Energy Psychology:

A body of tools based on the Eastern notion of our bodies not only being physical, but also electromagnetic. It utilizes the Eastern notion of meridians or a circulatory system much like our blood circulatory system. But its job is to move our life energy around the body.

When the energy gets stuck, congested, or constipated, the field of Energy Psychology has


developed tools that can unblock and re-balance the energy. This can free the healthy and energizing flow of your life energies to once again come into balance and harmony.

These tools work with freeing up the energy flow. When it’s stuck, it can cause emotional congestion, limiting beliefs, and other mental and emotional issues. These tools are easy to do and more often than not, fun and surprisingly powerful for their simplicity.

Evolving Beyond Polarization:

Polarization has become a difficult issue for a large majority of people these days. So the challenge was to develop a tool that could help us out.

What is we could better understand the causes of polarization? What is we knew how to recognize and navigate their presence?  Is it possible to depolarize viewpoints to a more balanced position?

Is it possible to stay involved, but participate from a calm and centered space as opposed to reactive and angry?

I’ve spent the last 20 years working on those questions and developed one of the best tools I know of for approaching these challenges. And it is mentioned next.

The Genius Of Mystic Psychology:

A specific step by step guide to keeping your cool when facing life’s polarizing situations. This guide is based on a study of the psychology of mystics.

it offers life-changing tools and mental training to help you depolarize your point of view. This gives you the freedom to bring a blend of wisdom, spirituality, and purpose into your daily life. including a six-step journey toward balance and self-acceptance.

This program offers concrete guidance for how to manage the inevitable ups and downs of life with confidence, calm, and clarity.  This is currently available as an 8-week on-line course.  To learn more about NLP & Mystic Psychology, just
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Paradox Management Certification:

This is an advanced training for coaches, consultants and therapists. It is designed to create proficiency in helping your clients deal move away from trying to resolve those life issues that can actually only be managed because they’re not going away.

These emerge in 6 basic areas of life – relationship, success, happiness, power, purpose and faith.


This tool is needed to help your clients learn how to recognize and then navigate the unen

ding flow of change, complexity, and uncertainty that shape our daily lives. You are trained in the six-step process elucidated in The Genius Of Mystic Psychology on-line course and my book, Unflappable – 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, & Peaceful No Matter What. This is followed by an in-person event where additional training and certification are offered. See

Advanced NLP Applications:

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a tool for modeling excellence. It is based on the notion that our language and our neurology interact to create our programming or our behavior. When our words and brain interact, a neural pathway or coding is created and NLP works with eith

er re-coding what is there, or creating a new neural pathway that leads to the desired outcome. NLP is well-known for its contribution to the world of therapy and behavioral change.  Practitioners demonstrate a magic-like capacity to evoke change by conversation alone.

Advanced applications of NLP deal with more complex issues, like Identity, an archetype run amok, issues based on personality styles, how to identify and eliminate grudges, patterns that seduce the client to either give away their power or steal the power of another, plus many more.

Hypnotic Language To Influence & Motivate:

Language has an amazing capacity to shape our experience and perception of events and patterns. Knowing how to utilize language to influence or motivate another is an essential tool for coaches. This is very useful WHEN you use it in the service of helping the client reach their goal, not your goal for them.

14664867_sLanguage can create what is called a ‘trance’. This can become extremely real to the individual. So much so, that they then live out of that ‘trance’ as the reality of their life.

There are many ways to make sense of our experience. When we go into a movie, we suspend our disbelief in it and act as if it’s real.  The same can happen in a client’s daily life.

Perception is the key.  And hypnotic language can help you effectively and efficiently reshape a perception. This then can afford your client the viewpoint that brings more happiness and less pain and suffering.

Meditation & Mindfulness:

As a meditator since 1975, I bring a lot of experience around 12252546_sthe ups and downs of the process. It’s challenging to create a daily meditation practice and apply mindfulness when moving about in the world.

I attended many two week silent retreats for many years with Joseph Goldstein (Insight Meditation Society), Jack Kornfield (Spirit Rock Meditation Center), and Sharon Salzberg. I also traveled to India many times, lived in an ashram there for a while, experienced having a guru, and became enamored with the poetry of Hafiz.

All this was explored while maintaining a private practice in Seattle, running a private vocational school for 10 years, learning about marketing and growing a business, and offering workshops and training around the world.

So if you’re having trouble with making meditation or mindfulness a part of your daily life, I’ve been there myself and can offer support to simply keep at it.  I can say without reservation, all the effort pays off in the long run – far more than anything I personally ever expected possible.  And NLP can actually help move things along. I’ve found it to be the best tool for generating the neurological traction these new ways of being need to become part of daily life.

The Enneagram:

A tool for how to better understand your personality as a structure and how to manage and evolve it in your daily life. You’re born with a certain skeletal structure and you’re also born with a particular personality structure which the Enneagram divides into 9 types or categories. You can identify your personality type and evolve it in areas where you may feel trapped or limited by its propensities with additional tools from NLP. The Enneagram of Personality is perhaps the most well-known.

But thereenneagram-wheel-2 are other aspects of the Enneagram that are also available for exploration – The Spiritual Dimension Of The Enneagram by Sandra Maitri is one I would recommend if you’re interested in this kind of thing. It was traditionally used as a spiritual practice for understanding your personality so that you could move beyond it and explore a more spiritual region of your Being.

I am also hoping to offer some insights from my own exploration of The Paradoxical Dimension Of The Enneagram.  If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll make sure you get notified when something is again available.