Advanced One-Line Re-Frames To Release Limiting Beliefs

The Amazing Power Of The Well-Crafted One Line Sentence – Learn 3 New Language Patterns Each Day Totaling 12 ‘Sleight Of Mouth’ Patterns –  Two Sessions – Two Days Each – Coming October 2014

Ever wonder why what you say sometimes slips inside the client’s awareness and creates that opening to the new perspective? Ever wonder why sometimes it doesn’t?

Using these one-line language patterns without awareness of what you’re doing leaves you at the effect of chance. Skillful use of these patterns grants you freedom to be more conscious and effective at producing faster and more effective shifts in your client’s way of viewing their ‘problem’.

One line re-frames are essential to working efficiently.  They are so effective and produce change so quickly, they often seem like magic and thus have also come to be called Sleight of Mouth patterns.

Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, and Christina Hall are usually credited with the modeling of these powerful language patterns.

Beliefs are both essential and powerful, whether limiting or expanding our world. These language patterns are essentially a tool for creating belief changes.

Although behaviors are rarely held in place by one belief, they are held intact by a belief system.  These one-line re-frames help to break up the limiting belief system more quickly, causing it to weaken and shift.  This results in space for the desired new behavior to take shape and form.

These patterns are so effective, we can almost guarantee an increase in your efficiency at eliciting your client’s desired outcome.

Given today’s demand for fast and effective change, you really can’t afford not to have these in your tool bag.  Learn 12 of these patterns – 3 a day – and make them your own!  They’re powerful and fun to learn!

CEU’s: 24 through WMHCA
CCE’s: 14 Core Competencies and 8 Research & Development

This training is being held in Seattle, Washington, USA.

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Date: Two Sessions – Two Days Each – Coming October 2014
Cost: $375
Early Bird Registration: $350 ($25 Discount through September 30th)

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NOTE: No background in NLP is needed. However, you must have completed basic training in your chosen profession.

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