New Techniques For More Streamlined Solutions

How To Integrate Advanced NLP Processes & Basic Energy Psychology Techniques Into Your Practice – A Total of 4 New Skill-Sets, One A Day To Explore, Discover, Own & Integrate – Two Sessions Coming This Fall

If you work with people, then you want to help them. But often we forget our job is to help them help themselves, and not to fix their problem for them. This can happen to those just beginning their career, as well as to the seasoned professional.

Despite all the accelerated processes popping up in our field, it still seems the people who get the most rapid and streamlined solutions operate from the notion that their clients are whole and complete as they are. This is THE operating assumption behind all of their guidance and actions. In a word, they know this may be the most healing aspect of any session, having more influence and impact than any technique, process, or method.

Curiously, the more techniques and models you have in your tool bag, the more likely you will be able to continuously hold this perception of your client, as well as meet their unique needs and personality style. Exposure to numerous viewpoints expands your perceptual flexibility, thus allowing you to remain centered in the above viewpoint regardless of how odd, painful, or devastating your client’s presenting issue may appear.

This particular 4-day training over two Friday and Saturday sessions introduces you to 4 techniques you can add to your repertoire. In addition. you’ll have a more in-depth understanding of 3 models and how they support each other: NLP, Energy Psychology, and HBLU (Healing From The Body Level Up). Here’s what you’ll learn – and in a way that lets you use this new material in your office the following week.

pic-puzzle-iconDay 1: Become Proficient In The Art Of Muscle Testing, 4 Basic Energy Psychology Techniques, & How To Integrate These Powerful Approaches Into Your Practice

You will gain both understanding and the ability to use muscle testing & 4 specific Energy Psychology techniques so that you can utilize them in your practice the next day.

pic-puzzle-iconDay 2: Discover How To Harness The Power Of The NLP Kinesthetic Time Line, & Utilize It’s Potential To Easily Release Conflict Between Two Aspects Of Identity & Their Accompanying Beliefs

You will discover how to establish and maintain the reality of a kinesthetic Time Line and the ability to elicit it with a client. You will then learn and practice a specific method for utilizing the power of the kinesthetic Time Line to identify and release conflict between 2 aspects of identity and their accompanying beliefs.

pic-puzzle-iconDay 3: Explore The Structure Of Grudges, How To Release Them, & How To Identify & Install New Strategies That Successfully Manage Resentment

You will become proficient in the ability to identify a grudge as a dysfunctional behavior and its resulting consequences. You will then gain the ability to release the grudge and guide the client to create new behaviors promoting optimal functionality and strategies to manage anger and resentment

pic-puzzle-iconDay 4: Learn How To Identify Archetypes, How They Can Grow Into A Dysfunctional Identity, & How To Release Them Back Into A Simple Personality Aspect

You will become conscious of archetypes, and gain the ability to recognize and identify its shift into an archetypal identity. You will be able to pinpoint its dysfunctional consequences and learn a method that will restore the archetypal identity back into its more balanced perspective as a personality aspect.

Benefits for Trained Therapists and Counselors

Avoid or reverse burn-out
 Expand Repertoire of Techniques
 Gain New Perspectives On Presenting Problems
 Embrace New Skill-Sets for Rapid and Ecological Behavioral Change
 Accelerate the emergence of progress, resolutions, and success
 Rejuvenate & Validate Your Creativity & Intuition
Understand & Deepen Ability To Work With Religious & Spiritual Problems DSM-IVV62.89
24 CEU’s (at no additional charge)
 Integrate New Skill-sets easily into your existing knowledge

These trainings are like pushing the refresh button on the page in your brain that says Helping Others Is Fun

It’s like discovering  A 2nd Career In The Same Field and privately wanting to jump for joy.

Benefits for Trained Hypnotherapists and Coaches

 Build Confidence
 Expand Competence
 Sharpen Rapport Skills
CCE’s for Research & Developmen
Deepen Understanding and Value of Working Within Existing Trance States
 Build Skill In Creating & Maintaining Alternate Realities Via Waking Hypnosis
 Accelerate the emergence of progress, resolutions, and success
 Learn New Skill-Sets for Rapid and Ecological Behavioral Change
 Integrate Powerful Tools From Energy Psychology and NLP

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Date: Two sessions coming this Fall
Cost:  $420
Early Bird Registration: $375 ($45 Discount Before September 1st))

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Note: No background in NLP or Energy Psychology is needed.  However, you must have completed basic training in your chosen profession.

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