Confusing The Truth With Beliefs

Mastering The Conscious Use Of Presuppositions – Learn How To Master 2 Of The Most Powerful Skill-Sets A Therapist, Counselor, Coach, or Hypnotherapist Can Have –

These two skill-sets are:

1) Recognizing and Identifying Presuppositions –
2) Utilizing Presuppositions To Change Limiting Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behavior –

Did the unicorn eat the roses in the wizard’s garden?

What has to be true for this sentence to make sense to you, rather than assuming the person who spoke it might be a bit nutty? Of course, you’d have to believe in unicorns and their desire to eat roses. And you’d have to believe in wizards and their penchant for gardening. But if you didn’t believe in these, you’d reject the sentence as making no sense. Curiously, this is exactly how we usually decide what is true and what is not.

This course will help you learn how to discern universal truths from personal beliefs.  You learn how to lovingly challenge those beliefs that limit; and shift them into beliefs that support and expand the client’s ability to navigate their actual reality – whatever it may be.

Presuppositions are at the foundation of how we perceive the world and our place in it. They are usually unconscious and thus, rest outside awareness.

This positioning is actually what gives you the opportunity  to rapidly facilitate shifts in beliefs, attitudes, and behavior in a way that the client often perceives as ‘magical’. The root of all of our problems rests in how we perceive what is presenting itself to us, moment to moment. That perceptions rests in multiple aspects of reality that we presuppose to be true, or not true.

What is most intriguing about what we presuppose to be true is that because we don’t usually know the truth, we fall into the habit of assuming what we presuppose has to be true. Why?  Because the order and sense we need to see in the world and ourselves rests in our belief that what we believe is the truth.

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Date: September 12th, 19th, and 26th
On-Line Webinar – Live with Ragini

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pic-puzzle-iconThis is a small group designed for individual in-depth skill development.  If you can learn from listening to others as well as from your own concerns, this is a great opportunity you will want to experience.

pic-puzzle-icon Ragini’s ability to shape her mentoring to the contours of your personal reality is not only a joy to experience.  It is also a direct learning experience for how to apply the basic tools of coaching, hypnosis, and rapport in general.

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