Mentoring & Consulting

pic-developing-skill-balance-660x450Ragini offers Professional Mentoring programs as well as Private Coaching for the challenges of personal life

Professional Mentoring Programs are offered via Ragini’s Membership site – Inspired NLP For Coaching Professionals

If you are interested in Private Coaching only, please CLICK HERE now.

pic-puzzle-iconHere are are a few things you could learn or receive support for in Ragini’s Membership Site – Inspired NLP For Coaching Professionals:

• Advanced NLP Techniques
Integrating Energy Techniques Into Your Practice
• How To Use Energy Models of Intervention for Depression & Anxiety
• Continued Support For The Attitudes & Techniques of NLP & Waking Hypnosis
• Tips For Utilizing The Enneagram Model in your practice
• How To Build & Maintain New Realities For The Client’s Future
• Sharpening Rapport Skills
How To Introduce & Utilize Muscle Testing With Your Clients
How To Introduce Energy Psychology Tools – What they are & when to use them
• How To Utilize Energy Psychology Tools
• Advanced Language Patterns To Identify & Manage Paradox
• Advanced Language Patterns For Quick Re-Framing
• Determining Outcomes & Strategies For Success
• Assessing your own degree of balance between confidence and competence
Working with addiction
Releasing Loss & Violence Traumas
Managing challenging presenting problems and/or resistant clients
What To Do When You’re Lost
• Identifying & Creating New Futures
Identifying Trance States in Meditation, Mindfulness, & Spiritual Living
• Building your private practice
Basic Marketing
Basic Social Media Guidelines
Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

pic-puzzle-iconRagini holds Office Hours twice a month for two hours at a time. Attendance is for Inspired NLP members only. When members can’t attend, audio and video recordings are made available.

pic-puzzle-iconRagini holds Office Hours via Zoom – an online meeting tool that allows you to BOTH talk  AND see each other at the same time.

pic-puzzle-iconAs an Inspired NLP member, you may send Ragini your questions 24 hours prior to Office Hours and she will give priority to answering your questions first. If you can’t make the gathering, this is an excellent way to get your questions answers anyway – and –  to demonstrate your continued commitment to participating and learning, despite the challenges of everyday life.

to learn more about Ragini’s membership site and how to join,


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