Mentoring & Consulting

pic-developing-skill-balance-660x450Professional Mentoring to help you meet the challenges of your professional life & personal development

You can enjoy your professional mentoring in two ways:

      1. Sign up for a specific number of Private One-on-One sessions with me (Ragini) via Zoom.  To learn more, please CLICK HERE.


      2. Join my Membership Site: Love In Action: Inspired NLP For Coaching Professionals

Why You Should Join My Membership Site

If you’re experiencing any of the following, join me & the Love In Action: Inspired NLP For Coaching Professionals program.

There are answers to your questions  – AND – a growing community of like-minds & open hearts. This is a place to share with others and not only receive but offer support & wisdom. 

  • Agitated because you feel lost or confused about what to do with a difficult client?
  • Sense you could be doing better but can’t pinpoint what’s holding you back?
  • Can’t figure out why you’re not getting enough referrals?
  • Fretting because too many of your clients aren’t coming back for more sessions?
  • Fears of past failures creeping into in your present and ruining your sense of future success?
  • Feeling isolated & alone in your private practice with no-one to talk things over with?
  • Getting bored & losing your sense of momentum for creating greater success?
  • Worried about how to handle everything you have to do to succeed?
  • Overwhelm & frustration visiting too often & stealing your drive to reach your goals?
  • Worried you’re on the verge of giving up because you’re just not good enough to be a real success?
  • Stewing over money without a clue about how to change your financial circumstance? 

What Do You Receive On A Monthly Basis By Joining Love In Action: Inspired NLP for Coaching Professionals?

• Week 1:  Live Q&A driven by you and your quest to develop more skill via inquiry that expands your understanding, & strengthens your clarity, competence & confidence

• Week 2:
  Live Masterclass with Ragini or a Guest Expert offering an in-depth training in a new perspective, process, or technique 

• Week 3:  LiveBehind The Scenes’ session offering tips on differing topics pertinent to sustaining your professional and personal success

• Week 4:  Live Spiritual Inquiry exploring NLP & The Enneagram in the search for meaning, purpose, presence & transformation 

pic-puzzle-iconAlthough member’s questions will determine our focus month to month, CLICK HERE for a list of potential topics that can be explored. 

pic-puzzle-iconMembership is by application.  Acceptance requires exposure to NLP, either in my NLP Coach or Practitioner Training or any NLP Practitioner Program.  In addition, some exposure to a Coaching program is required.  

What You Will Get Immediately


Automatic access to numerous online courses. These are available within the Membership Program to help you build specific skills essential to consistently generating repeat clients and  fabulous referrals

pic-puzzle-iconAn invitation to join our Love In Action Using NLP Facebook Group so you can participate in growing & enjoying the benefit of our global community.

pic-puzzle-iconA phone chat with me (Ragini) to welcome you into the program. This is where you can learn a little more about me and I can learn more about what you’d like to learn and what you think you need. It’s always nice for me to meet everyone in our community and to learn a bit about your desires and dreams for yourself & our world. 

Additional Bonuses

pic-puzzle-iconRecordings of all weekly gatherings should you be unable to attend. This includes a downloadable audio Mp3 for your convenience to listen to anytime, anywhere.

pic-puzzle-iconWhen you send in your questions 24 hours prior to the monthly Q&A session, I will give priority to answering your questions first. If you can’t make the gathering, this is an excellent way to get your questions answers anyway – and –  to demonstrate your continued commitment to participating and learning, despite the challenges of everyday life.

To learn more about joining my membership program and how to join,


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