Energy Psychology & NLP

Energy Psychology & NLP Are A Match
Made In Heaven!

Want to learn WHY ?

Wouldn’t it be great to feel certain you could make the changes your clients want more quickly? To believe you could easily change those deeply rooted behaviors that make your clients (and you) unhappy & feel trapped?

Energy Psychology tools excel for quickly and easily restoring emotional and energetic balance.

NLP tools reshape the limiting mental concepts and ideas that caused the emotional and energetic imbalance in the first place. With more expanded and flexible ways of thinking and perceiving, old unwanted behaviors will not be able to return.

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I Want The Confidence & Know-How To Deliver
The Fast, Permanent Change People Ask For

Check out the following list. To meet the expectations of today’s coaching clients, these are the core skills you must have in your repertoire:

  • Clarity – about how to make sure an unwanted behavior is gone for good
  • Confidence – that you know how to keep any desired new behavior intact
  • Understanding – the need to honor each client’s criteria for success before they will claim their experience as successful, and able to last
  • Awareness – of the need & know-how to set the stage for success when using these cutting-edge models for change
  • Ownership of ‘linguistic chops’ – the language skills essential to successfully ensure the client’s sense of success
  • Rapport – with the client’s unconscious mind

Together these great tools grant you the power to help your client align the mental, emotional and energetic aspects of their human nature. This results in the client’s ability to move in the direction of balance and flexibility of viewpoint. And because of this, the result is increased happiness, calm, and presence to the ups and downs of everyday life.

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  • Learn how NLP & Energy Psychology tools can jump-start your return bookings and accelerate the arrival of those great referrals.
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Learn How Your Body As An Electro-Magnetic Bio-field Is Influenced By Your Brain, Language, & Behavior

Learn how science from the East and science from the West can co-operate to produce faster and more effective long-term change.

Today, people expect change to happen fast. Many also want to slow down, be mindful, present, and navigate daily life from a meditative mindset.

These two desires are seemingly at odds. One fast. One slow. Yet, there is a dynamic between the two that once understood and perceived will change the way you work with your clients forever.

Part of that dynamic will be revealed in this Free Webinar Replay.

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