NLP Coach Practitioner Certification

Want To Be A Great NLP Coach & Get Your NLP Coach Practitioner Certification?

Want To Generate Repeat Clients &
Fabulous Referrals?

There Are Some Crucial Skills You Will Need To Succeed Long Term.

Do You Have Them?

NLP Certification as an NLP Coach Practitioner will show you how to make these two crucial skill sets your own:

The Art Of Skillful Inquiry
The Science Of Accelerated Behavioral Change

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, have been in business 1 to 3 years, or longer.

Wherever you are, these are the challenges that can stop you from succeeding and having the coaching career you truly desire & deserve:

  • Wondering if you have enough confidence, or competence, to make your dream of successfully helping others come true?
  • Unclear how your unconscious mind might be undermining you?What Stops You From Getting The Referrals You Desire?
  • Frustrated with a sense you’re not doing the best job possible?
  • Worrying there’s too much responsibility on your shoulders for your client’s success?
  • Doubtful you’re really helping clients move closer to their goals?
  • Concerned about possible burn out or exhaustion from having too many clients, or not the right ones?
  • Obsessing about clients liking you?

If you relate to any of these challenges, take a few moments to read this important message.

Find out how to break out of these debilitating judgments and worries about yourself and your qualifications.

Pay Close Attention If You’re Interested In:

  • Creating repeat clients who want to help you generate more businessfigure_checking_off_mark_500_clr_21192 (2)through their fabulous referrals
  • Feeling completely confident about fulfilling your unspoken promise to help clients reach their goals
  • Embodying the 3 C’s of Excellent Coaching – Clarity, Confidence, & Competence
  • Getting paid what you’re worth by attracting clients who value your skill & will happily pay for it
  • Comfortably raising your fees so you can work less and play more

Have You Ever Experienced Any Of These? about your knowledge or skill. You can get the crucial skills you need.  You do not have to continue to suffer with this sense of uncertainty. you’re not clear what to do with ‘resistant’ clients.  You can learn the skills to deal with the inherent challenges of the coaching profession. about getting results & not doing the ‘right’ thing. Imagine being free of self-judgment because you’re feeling clear, competent, & confident.matt_pace_and_stop_500_clr_22674 you won’t know what to do and/or how to do it. NLP Certification for Coaches will help you know what to do & how to do it. you’ll get lost in your client’s story, commiserating instead of staying on task. Learning the crucial skills will enable you to serve your clients & stay on task. sliding down the slippery slope of friendship & regretting it.  You will know how to stay in the role of coach instead of stepping into the role of friend. way too many hours a week for too little money. You will value your skill and feel at ease charging what your skills are worth. by the possibility of exhaustion and burn out. Your coaching practice does not have to take over your life IF you know how to structure it correctly. 

There’s No Need To Struggle Anymore

I’ll show you how to resolve these stressful and debilitating thoughts and feelings, even if you’ve tried in the past and failed

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Become an NLP Coach Practitioner & Embrace:

the Art of Skillful Inquiry
(the best of traditional coaching)


the Science of Accelerated Behavioral Change
(the seeming ‘magic’ of NLP or
Neuro-Linguistic Programing)

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