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pic-weighing-good-badParadox is now a signature experience of our time. But we’re not yet connecting our increasing polarization as a society to this confusing experience.

In the form of double binds & ethical dilemmas, the need to understand and recognize paradox pervades our daily lives like never before.

Few professionals understand this, much less have access to a tool to manage it. Most are only prepared to watch the frightening increase in polarization; such extreme positions that dialogue and conversation become impossible.

When you approach polarization as a paradox in disguise, a door opens that gives you and your client a way out of the confusion and pain.

Paradox Management also supports your personal quest for mindfulness, presence, and conscious living – whether at work or at home.

A New World View

This tool is very well designed and practical, yet by offering your client a new world view, its impact is transformational.

Viewing polarization from the angle of paradox gives your client  a practical understanding of which parts of life are theirs to change, and which parts can only be managed.

This skill produces great relief and clarity.  Once you give your client the know-how to tell the difference, life becomes an easier and more workable proposition.

Your Training

pic-puzzle-iconIn this powerful & in-depth training, you learn:

• How to identify paradox disguised as a double bind resolved via polarization
• To understand its place and function in today’s world
• How to help your clients deal with these unresolvable double binds in healthy ways that can neutralize polarization yet retain the freedom to act according to your values.

pic-puzzle-iconYou’ll be proficient in offering this deeply practical wisdom:

• In simple language
• Using the easy to follow 6-Step Process
• While continuing to honor & respect the desired outcome your client wants to achieve

Training Details

This training is limited to 6 people so I can personally guarantee you get what you need to produce excellent results. Please enroll early to make sure there is a spot being held just for you.

Proof of previous NLP Practitioner training

Completion of The Genius Of Mystic Psychology – 2 month On-Line Training.  This training must be started no later than August 1st so that the full 8 week program is completed prior to the beginning of the Certification Training. Tuition for this program is included in your  Certification Training investment.

Dates: October 5 -10 – Sunday thru Friday
Our Certification Program unfolds over a 6 day LIVE training based in Seattle, Washington

Location:  Seattle

Investment:  $4700 (Includes $297 tuition for The Genius Of Mystic Psychology  8 week on-line program) Deposit of $1000 payable by August 1st – $3700 balance due by October 1st.

Early Bird Discount: $4000 if paid in full by August 1st  (a $700 savings)

Installment Plan:  3 payments of $1570 each
1st by August 1st – 2nd by September 1st – 3rd by end of 1st day of training October 5th

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