NLP Testimonials

pic-4-blue-puzzle-pieces Learn What Past NLP Students Have to Say About Their Experiences

pic-puzzle-icon“NLP is a powerful and practical model – and this was an excellent course. The trainers’ modeling of the NLP material was congruent with what was taught. The clear, quality instruction was exquisite, and grounded in professionalism and integrity.”  — Margaret Fetter, Therapist, Germany

pic-puzzle-icon“Now I love NLP, thanks to Ragini’s approach to teaching it. She helped me answer all my objections and integrate it into my own style of working.”  — Nirved Wilson, Therapist, Scotland

pic-puzzle-icon“The NLP training with Ragini Michaels has been a great opportunity to deeply understand the power of communication. It has also been a door to discover my own competences. I recommend her for the skills she can transmit and her sense of ethics.”  — Lorenzo Clemente, Specialized Educator, Switzerland

pic-puzzle-icon“You have helped me discern the finer distinctions of the NLP model by seeing your modeling of excellence in action.” — Jeffrey Taler, Counselor, England

pic-puzzle-icon“I highly recommend Ragini’s NLP training. It is a course offering far more than any comparable NLP program.  Masterful, elegant delivery of NLP and Ericksonian style hypnosis. This course gave me the elegant distinctions in NLP that I wanted.” –– Teresa Dahl, Coach & Recruiter, Washington

pic-puzzle-icon“This excellent course is accessible to both beginners and those who are already familiar with NLP and hypnosis. Ragini’s approach lends new depth and enrichment to concepts learned in other contexts. A wonderful learning experience with the finest communication skills available today consistently modeled by our trainers.” — Keith Umber

pic-puzzle-icon“NLP is an astonishing approach – and Ragini provides an excellent demonstration of its power.  I now experience daily life in dramatically different and useful ways. And I’m surprised at the profusion of insights and skills that just seemed to grow under the influence of this uniquely designed learning experience.”  –– Donald C. Oakley, Ph.D., Washington

pic-puzzle-icon“An intense training whose value was tremendously enhanced by the absolute safety and the loving environment in which it took place.” — Sugito G. Rochard, Ph.D., Oregon

pic-puzzle-icon“This course has been a wonderful experience. Much more than I expected, and supportive of my own personal way of learning. My hypnotherapy practice has soared.  I could go on and on with positives – the course is truly a gift!” — Jocie McHenry Wall, RHT, Washington

pic-puzzle-icon“A unique, powerful, and fun experience which can transform your life!” — Sandra Bertecco, Washington

pic-puzzle-icon“Ragini is an elegant illustrator of experience and knowledge. Using her vast resources, she is able to communicate in an effective way for everyone to understand – even me.”  — Barbara M., Therapist

pic-puzzle-icon“If I had only experienced this model prior to my teaching experience! This is the most supportive, progressive model I have ever encountered. Thank you.”  — K. Carey, Teacher

pic-puzzle-icon“I don’t know of anyone who can model what they teach more elegantly than Ragini. Brought NLP and the power of language alive for me.” — Ruth Gordon, Hypnotherapist & Political Activist, Washington

pic-puzzle-icon“NLP is a fantastic tool making life more workable. Ragini’s trainings are insightful, concise, and elegant. She is a master trainer of the art and science of NLP.”  — N.G., Certified Counselor

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