NLP Schedule 2017-2018

pic-character-with-check-listEach of the 8 Training Modules are Three Days in Length

These 3-Day Modules allow you more time to taste, imbibe, practice, and digest the in-depth and life changing skills offered in NLP.

Every tiny morsel is so delicious and enticing, that it takes time to truly savor and learn the flavor of each and every skill.

The vision of what is possible for you, your career, and potentially your life, will grow with each and every gathering as you assemble the complete body of NLP knowledge as it was originally intended to be delivered. You will notice the harmony of all the pieces as they are artfully orchestrated and presented to you for your pleasure in learning and using.

Because of Ragini’s years of spiritual and meditative inquiry, trainings naturally include a strong emphasis on mindfulness, presence, and a deep respect for how others view the world and themselves.

The beauty of NLP rests in developing the art of respectfully and compassionately helping your client expand their view of the world to include, as real and available right now, the possibilities they desire.

A triple certification is available:  Certified NLP Practitioner through the founding organization, The Society of NLP, the IANLP (International Association of NLP), and Facticity Trainings, Inc.

All training modules begin at 9:00 am. Friday and Saturday trainings end at 6pm. Sunday trainings ends at 4pm.  Each day includes two 15-minute breaks and a one hour lunch break.

Training totals 180 hours. This includes the final weekend providing 7.5 hours of review , immediately followed by 2 days of testing including a written test, a skills demonstration section, and the ability to demonstrate a full NLP session, explaining your decisions and observations to your assigned observer.

pic-puzzle-iconDates In 2017

Weekend 1:  October 14-16
Weekend 2:  November 4-6

pic-puzzle-iconDates In 2018

Weekend 3:  January 13-15
Weekend 4:  February 10-12
Weekend 5:  March 10-12
Weekend 6:  April 7-9
Weekend 7:  May 5-7
Weekend 8:  May 26-28

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