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pic-puzzle-headThis program will provide you with the fundamentals of NLP. However, we are fully committed to helping you shift this information into knowledge; and then to shift that knowledge into your own personal skill.

You will learn the basic presuppositions upon which NLP solidly rests, as well as the skills and techniques necessary to become an effective and efficient Practitioner. You receive an excellent 145 page manual designed specifically for your left brain. In addition, you will move through a multitude of experiential exercises designed to activate your multiple intelligences and learn more quickly. Our goal is to help you not only understand NLP and its power, but to develop competence in its utilization.

pic-puzzle-iconSome of the basic NLP skills students discover & develop include:

• Meta Positions
• Logical Levels
• Chunking
• Developing Rapport
• Recognizing & Utilizing Representational Systems & Sub-Modalities
• Hypnotic Patterns of Communication (Milton Model)
• Recognizing & Utilizing Basic Language Patterns
• Defining Well-Formed Outcomes
• Language Patterns To Effectively Establish A Reachable Outcome
• Meta Model – Unpacking The Client’s Problem and Perceived Solution
• Recognizing and Utilizing Physiological Cues
• Basic Anchoring Techniques
• Discerning The Physiology of Differing States: Problem, Resource, & Desired
• Identifying Beliefs & Values
• Strategies for Learning, Motivation, Decision Making, Creativity

pic-puzzle-iconSome of the techniques students learn in this training include:

• Phobia Cure
• Swish
• 6-Step Re-Frame
• Shifting Sub-Modalities
• Time Line – Releasing Negative Emotions

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