NLP Coach Facilitator

Coaching is a powerful tool.  And NLP offers you – whether a coach, therapist, or consultant, the additional opportunity to expand your conscious use of language. 

This additional skill dramatically increases your effectiveness and your success in helping others reach their goals more efficiently.

NLP is the study of human subjectivity.  It heightens your ability to work with your client’s issues by harnessing the power hidden within its structure – how it is wired into the brain and neuro-physiology.

NLP will support your success because:

1. You’ll quickly and easily be able to identify the client’s model of the world as they experience it – and thus increase your ability to create rapport and influence.

2. You’ll have the tools you need to help your client rapidly and smoothly connect with their unidentified resources hiding out quietly within themselves.

3. You’ll know how to check and honor personal ecology and take the time to clear blocks to your client’s success at the conscious, unconscious, body, and soul levels.

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