2019 Schedule For Certification As NLP Coach (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Join My 24 Week NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training Beginning September 18, 2019. 

You’ll be glad you took advantage of this powerful, skill driven on-line
24 week Certification Training to become an excellent NLP Coach Practitioner.


This program offers you two powerful skill sets:

The Art Of Skillful Inquiry
(the best of traditional coaching)


The Science of Accelerated Behavioral Change
(NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming)


The Extra Bonus of Ragini’s Valuable Presence &
Personal Guidance

She will lead you through the powerful journey of tasting, imbibing, practicing, and digesting the in-depth and life changing skills offered when you combine Coaching with NLP.

The Structure Of The
NLP Coach Certification Training

Upon adequately demonstrating your new skills, you will receive a dual certification as an NLP Coach through The Society of NLP and Ragini’s own training company, Facticity® Trainings, Inc.

  • Every Friday for 16 weeks, you will receive a new Module brimming with simplified guidelines and multiple bite-size videos from Ragini explaining each component of the material you’re learning or Calendarpracticing. 
  • On the following Wednesday and Friday, you will attend the LIVE Group Meetings with Ragini on Zoom, each for 90 minutes. 
  • The last 8 weeks will focus completely on personal practice and private mentoring, both individually and in the group format.
  • Every training is limited to a maximum of 20 students, granting Ragini adequate time to personally mentor each participant (you) to recognize their fullest potential. This also grants you the time to ask and have answered all of your questions & concerns.

You will emerge from this training:

  • With a unique combination of Coaching skills and Behavioral Change prowess that will place you ahead of the current edge
    in the Coaching field.
  • With the essential skills to communicate with your client’s unconscious mind – possibly the most important skill that will set you apart from other coaches.

The Benefits To You & Your Life

  • Enjoy a huge increase in your new sense of confidence
  • Feel empowered by your new level of in-depth knowledge for 6946074_show to help others
  • Delight in your growing sense of competence and skill
  • Be amazed at your increased ability to stay present to your client’s agenda (and not your own).
  • Focus on the expanded vision of what is possible for you, your career, & potentially your life
  • Grow richer in clarity and depth as you assemble the pieces of your client’s puzzle into a completed new picture of having made the impossible possible
  • Be uplifted by the beauty and practicality of the whole NLP Coaching model as it unfolds piece by piece
  • Appreciate feeling an empowering pull arising from within yourself to embrace these life-changing, almost magical tools, & make them your own
  • Relax into the unfolding harmony of all the pieces as they are artfully orchestrated and presented to you for your pleasure in learning and using.
  • Grow & deepen trust in your abilities for clarity, competence, & confidence.

chef_stiring_pot_anim_500_clr_6703Every tiny morsel is so delicious and enticing, you will want to truly savor and learn the flavor of each and every skill.

BUT … this happens more quickly than you’d think possible
with the personal guidance you’ll receive
from Ragini Michaels, your well-seasoned trainer.

Coaching As ‘Love In Action’

Because of Ragini’s years of spiritual and meditative inquiry, her trainings naturally include a strong emphasis on mindfulness, presence, and a deep respect for how others view the world and themselves – a skill Ragini hasRagiini 1 termed ‘Love In Action‘.

The beauty of NLP rests in developing the art of respectfully and compassionately helping your client expand their view of the world.

You skillfully empower them to include, as real and available right now, the possibilities they desire.

And it is these tiny yet immense abilities that practically guarantee
repeat clients, fabulous referrals, a steady income,
and a more relaxed, enjoyable and happier life – professionally & personally.

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