Coming Soon! More Skill Set Trainings

We’ll be offering a variety of new skill set trainings in the future!

The Art Of Muscle Testing & Basic Energy Psychology Techniques, offered 3 times a year, is a prerequisite for all the following:

  • Meta Model – Language Patterns To Quickly Gather Information About Your Client’s Inner Reality
  • Milton Model – Hypnotic Language Patterns To Guide & Direct Your Client Into New Avenues Of Consideration
  • Spirituality –  The Powerhouse Resource You Want To Access, Evoke, & Utilize Without Imposing Your Own Beliefs & Values
  • Meta Programs – Unconscious Language Patterns You Learn To Recognize In Your Client’s Language & Then Utilize To Influence, Guide, & Balance
  • Double Binds – How To Recognize, Identify, and Clear The Limitations Of The “Damned If You Do & Damned If You Don’t” Dilemma
  • Releasing Negative Emotions & Dissolving Limiting Beliefs – Utilizing A Visual Time Line
  • How To Build A Private Practice – Essentials For Your Business, Your Client, & You
  • The Art of Rapport – Why Being Liked Isn’t Rapport Or A Guarantee For Success
  • Evoking & Maintaining Your Client’s Desired New Future
  • Releasing Trauma
  • Objections – The Gateway To Your Client’s Transformation
  • The ‘As If’ Frame – The Essential Tool for Creating New Realities
  • Unpacking Your Client’s Hidden Values Driving Their Choices
  • The Importance Of Creating Positive & Compelling Futures

Feel free to write us and ask questions about any currently scheduled, or future training events.
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