The Enneagram & Limiting Identities

Part One Of Emotional Freedom & The Enneagram

pic-4-puzzle-pieces-building-smallerEver watched a client struggle desperately to manage the pain and suffering of a limited sense of self? Ever experienced that struggle yourself?

The Enneagram & Limiting Identities provides guidance into the structure of the 9 Personality Types. It focuses on the patterns and perspectives that create what this model terms ‘wounds’, or misunderstandings about our identity, who we are, our capabilities, value & worth.

Once these limiting identities are recognized, you learn techniques to ‘heal’ the wounds, or release the power of the core identity wounds that imprison and fixate our sense of who we are, bringing great misery and pain.

Our position is that this ‘healing’  does not encompass removing the wound as much as freeing your client to see through it – to understand it and perceive it as a misunderstanding, an illusion, a mirage. 

Whatever you want to call this ‘wound’, it results in that hurtful and limiting sense of identity we all know all too well. The distance this approach creates gives the client the freedom to recognize that although this sense of wounded self will remain apart of them, it is solidly not an indicator of who you really are.

I have been trained in this work by Dr. Judith Swack (Healing From The Body Level Up) and Dr. Andrew Hahn (Guided Self Healing).

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