Discovering & Utilizing The Enneagram Holy Ideas In Daily Life

pic-yin-yang-balance-rectangle Part Two: The second level is guidance into the what the Enneagram model calls the “Holy Ideas” – the mystic or objective views.

These Holy Ideas are considered the balancing factor to the personality’s subjective and wounded view of things.

You will gain insight and glimpses into each of the 9 Holy Ideas. You will learn various ways to these power-filled perspectives to create additional distance from and objectivity toward the personality’s perception of a wounded self and other painful situations or circumstances.

These perspectives create the opportunity for the client to experience making a truly conscious choice between unconscious reacting and conscious responding.

pic-puzzle-iconDiscovering and Utilizing The Enneagram Holy Ideas In Daily Life applies Ragini’s original NLP model of mystic psychology to the paradoxical dilemma we encounter when we search to find the answer to who we are – human or divine? Being both simultaneously is both the puzzle and the solution. You will learn how to create acceptance of this paradoxical reality – and the ability to relax into its freedom and inner peace.

Dates To Be Announced
Previous Study Of Enneagram Personality Points Required

Please call Ragini to discuss if this training is right for you. You can reach her at 425 462 4369.

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