NLP & The Enneagram

‘NLP & The Enneagram’ Is One Of The Best Advanced NLP Courses You’ll Ever Take.

These are two equally powerful models for behavioral change, personal growth, and spiritual evolution.

AND … When You Combine NLP & The Enneagram,
 the seemingly ‘magical’ can occur.

Using The Enneagram To Search For Understanding & Peace of Mind

  • Ever wonder where all those little quirks & irritating habits come from? Yours & others? The Enneagram has clues.

  • Why you just can’t understand why someone would behave the way they do?

  • What makes you get so upset when someone behaves in a particular way you find offensive?

  • Why at the core of your Being you often feel so bad about yourself?

  • Annoyed you keep behaving in that certain way you’ve clearly decided, over and over again, is not in your best interest?

If you’re not familiar with the Enneagram,
it offers you a clear and precise way to understand and navigate the complexities of personality.

The Enneagram: The Wheel Of The 9 Personality Types


AND … it’s based in the radical notion that you’re MORE  than your personality.

That means all those things you don’t like about yourself are not
the final statement about who you actually are.

Obviously then – the Enneagram is also an extremely useful tool for coaches and consultants.

Accelerate The Emergence Of
Transformation via Understanding, Awareness, & Presence

Anyone engaged in the work of helping others evolve and better manage their life
will benefit from this powerful partnership between NLP & The Enneagram. 

The personality, with all its quirks and foibles,
can only evolve into its higher possibilities & points of view

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) offers ways to support & accelerate the growing awareness of personality as something that is yours — but not you!

The Enneagram offers a way to understand & step back from the personality in order to work with its objections and resistances more clearly and with proper direction.

When partnered up, NLP & The Enneagram offer even more powerful & efficient ways to make peace with the personality and allow it to evolve.

This necessary step allows the personality to more easily, quickly & lovingly reach those higher points of view & accompanying behaviors.

Combining NLP & the Enneagram opens the door to more
elegant, efficient, and effective behavioral
as well as accelerating both personal & spiritual evolution.

And that means easier access to the desire for mindfulness, presence, and living more of daily life from the HERE & NOW.

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 NLP & The Enneagram
The Personality’s Story & Your Quest For Meaning & Purpose
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In this six week, I will begin to share what I learned from many of my pioneering students
who participated with me in a 10 year exploration of these two tools combined.

From 2000 to 2010, these courageous & adventuresome explorers gave me the opportunity to run with this notion in the form of a Wisdom School.

The focus was exploring NLP & the Enneagram for the purpose of
personal evolution & spiritual inquiry.

What we learned was profoundly useful, and rooted in a practical wisdom.

It resulted in the key to accelerating the acceptance of personality as something
we must learn to live with … and … how to do it.

In addition, it became clear the personality is quite capable of evolving & moving beyond what had previously been seen as permanent and unchangeable limitations.

If you’d like to start discovering how this powerful duo might impact you personally and professionally,

Join me in this 6 week on-line course & explore the 
‘magical’ partnership of NLP & The Enneagram.

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