NLP & Mystic Psychology

NLP & Mystic Psychology
Partnered Up To Create A Powerful New
Decision-Making Process To Increase Your Daily Happiness & Inner Peace


That ultimately translates into easier access to mindfulness, presence, and the Here and Now.  

And that means more ability to do your part to make our world a better place – one person at a time. 

Introducing ‘The Mystic’s Wisdom: De-Coded –
How To Handle
The Tough ‘Either/Or’ Conflicts
Of Everyday Life’

Curious? Want To Invite This Little Bit
Of Mystic Psychology
Into Your Life?

Mystic Psychology gives you a new option for how to address life’s time-consuming predicaments differently – a new decision making process based on mystic psychology.

Modern science now offers evidence that the brain has a quality called neuro-plasitcity. This means the brain is capable of rewiring the brain by growing new neural pathways.

This means there is now a way to grant you access to the option of responding rather than reacting to the ups and downs of your daily life.

Today, in this rather revolutionary on-line course, The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded, you will learn a process that can radically change the way you approach decision making forever.

By integrating ancient wisdom & the precision of modern neuro-science, you will discover exactly how to:

  • influence the direction of your unconscious mind toward the choice of wisdom
  • harness the power of your brain’s ‘neuroplasticity‘ to support this choice

You can transform this bit of mystic wisdom into your wisdom – and very practical wisdom it is!

This practical wisdom represents:

The Puzzle of Happiness:  Solved!



Can I Truly Re-Code My Brain
To Evoke Balance When I’m Distressed Or Challenged?

Modern Science Verifies The Hypothesis That You CAN Re-Wire Your Neurology For A Better Life

  • Yes!  You can!  In order for a new behavior to become yours, it must have a neurological coding in your brain (a program or better yet, an app).
  • Utilizing the power of NLP, you learn how to do this.
  • Approaching daily life from the perspective of Mystic Psychology offers you a stunning angle of vision that makes everyday decision-making a whole lot easier to navigate.

So much time is consumed with making decisions.
Probably much more than you realize:

    • Should I say yes or no to that offer?
    • Should I go to dinner with my partner or stay home alone and rest?
    • Is this the right way to behave or the wrong way?
    • Am I still on the right path or have I strayed?
Decisions get complicated when they call for you to honor opposing needs, demands, and responsibilities.

The enormous anxiety & frustration that arises isn’t necessary.
There’s a better way to figure out the best answer for you.

  • This course shows you exactly how to do it. You can create this new neurological coding (or re-programming) by following specific and proven steps based on mystic psychology.
  • Combining those steps with the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can grant you the ability to stay more calm, present, and centered, no matter what is unfolding before you.
  • We all have to make decisions every day, despite all of the conflict between opposing needs and demands.

The tasks and decisions are not going to go away.

But YOU can change the way you approach and manage them with just a bit of this mystic wisdom in your pocket (and your brain).

Learn To Create True Balance

Everybody knows that nothing stays the same.

And everybody knows life is full of predicaments and conundrums.

But almost no one knows how to find peace with these facts of life – except the mystics.

You can learn from their wisdom right here – and create a new neural pathway in your brain simultaneously


Grasp The Key To Letting Go

Everyone knows it’s important to know how to let go. But very few are able to do it.

Why? They don’t yet have the key to making it happen.

They don’t yet know how to move from reacting to the disturbing circumstances of life to finding & reflecting on the gifts hidden within them.


Allow Practical Wisdom To Guide You

Wisdom is a smart way to use what you know in a practical fashion.

When it’s pouring rain, you reach for your raincoat or umbrella before you go out. Why?  Because you know without them, you’ll get soaked.

When your gas gauge says Empty, you know to go to the gas station before you do anything else. Why? Because you know you can’t get where you want to go without it.

Let the wisdom of your discontent become your guide.