Advanced Courses

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Advanced Courses On Specific Topics

Advanced NLP courses are not only open to NLP Coach Practitioners. They are also available to those who want to experience the NLP perspective in relationship to certain ‘hot’ topics.

The desire for greater personal growth and deeper spiritual inquiry  is not immune to the impact of today’s demand for speed and faster results.

Thus, interest in NLP is increasing because of it’s focus on efficiency. This efficiency is evoked by activating the power of the brain’s neuro-plasticity. And this is done through simple conversation and processes.

To participate in these Advanced NLP Courses, you need some knowledge of the topic we’re going to explore. We’ll be using NLP to explore each area of interest from a different angle than you may be used to.

NLP & The Enneagram Cute book character reading about one of Ragini Michael's NLP courses.


This is one of our most powerful NLP courses. Do you have a basic understanding of the Enneagram? Do you want to learn more? Discover how it can expand and impact the way you view yourself and your life? If so, this course will be of great interest to you.

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The Enneagram

The Enneagram test and its basic understanding is well known. Not so well known is that the Enneagram is actually based in the radical notion that you’re MORE  than your personality.

You know all those things you don’t like about yourself? The Enneagram shows you why and how these things are not the final statement about who you actually are.

Obviously then – when the call is for transformation, the Enneagram is an extremely useful tool. It helps coaches and consultants quickly pinpoint limiting beliefs and incorrect assumptions that block the desired transformation.

 NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

This NLP course can accelerate the emergence of this transformation. How?  Via expanded understanding, awareness, & presence. 

Using NLP to work directly with the unconscious mind allows the coach or consultant to quickly alter limiting beliefs charged with intense emotions.

The combination of a belief plus intense emotion creates a feeling of ‘truth’ in the body.  Unfortunately, this occurs more often than not. And it’s very hard to uproot and evolve these fixed ideas and concepts.

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NLP & The Enneagram,


NLP & Mystic Psychology

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Want to develop more presence, mindfulness, and calm in daily life?  If so,you will find this course very interesting.

This is one of our original NLP courses.  The course is based on the psychology of mystics.

Why these folks? This is the one group of people in our species who can remain calm and present to the NOW.  And they aren’t impacted by whether the moment is a pleasant or painful one.

You will learn the difference between this enlightened psychology and the ordinary everyday psychology  where most of us human beings live.

This course highlights 7 crucial differences. These make the difference in being able to access mindfulness, presence, and the actual experience of the Here and Now.

How It’s Relevant To Our Everyday Lives

Curiously, developing the ability to stay calm, mindful, and present to the Here and Now entails decision making.

We’re often not too happy to learn that. It’s no easy task to choose the higher perspective over the one that has dominated our lives seemingly forever.

Mystics seem to do this with an effortless ease. Studying their psychology revealed 6 basic steps. You can learn these steps. And you will want to. They can shift how you make your decisions so you remain more present and serene, no matter what you have to decide. 

Learning these 6 steps allow you to begin reprogramming (rewiring) your brain to make decisions in this same way.

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