Ragini Michaels completed her degree in physiological psychology in 1974. She went on to receive international acclaim as an exquisite trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguisitic Programming) and Ericksonian-Style Hypnosis.

Ragini is certified through the Society of NLP, the IANLP (International Assoc. of NLP), and The IHF (International Hypnosis Federation). She offers certification as an NLP Coach, NLP Practitioner, and NLP Master Practitioner. Ragini has taught NLP and Hypnosis in America, Canada, India, and throughout Europe. 

She was certified as a Life Coach and Personal Development Consultant in 2000 from the Women’s Leadership Institute For Conscious Coaching.  Ragini is also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

She went on to include further training in: Energy Psychology, HBLU (Healing From The Body Level Up), GSH (Guided Self Healing), the Spiritual Dimensions Of The Enneagram, and Conscious Coaching.

What Makes Ragini Unique & Worth Checking Out?

Beautiful image of Ragini Michaels.Ragini has run a successful private practice, by referral ONLY, since 1979. She specializes in a unique combination of coaching and accelerated behavioral change. She claims this is the reason getting return clients and fabulous referrals remains effortless and lucrative. 

When appropriate, she is happy to share the depth of her on-going personal exploration of spiritual living.   She is well versed in meditation and contemplation, as well as experiencing ashram living, and guru life.

Her love of mindfulness, and commitment to nurturing presence, authenticity, and compassion, continue to influence her personal life and professional development.

Ragini has over 4 decades of experience helping those in struggle & confusion as they journey through the processes of personal transformation, spiritual inquiry, and conscious awakening.

What Has Ragini Contributed To Her Field?

Ragini Michaels is also an Amazon.com Best Selling author. She has written:

Three books on the psychology of paradox:Ragini Michaels looking thoughtful.
Facticity – a door to mental health & beyond
Lions In Wait – a road to personal courage
Unflappable – 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered,
& Peaceful No Matter What

Two beautiful poetry books:
The Wildly Quiet Presence of God
The Jewels Of Here & Now – Awe, Reverence, & Ever Deepening Gratitude

Two series of 4 hypnosis/meditation Mp3’s each:
Hypnosis To Heal The Heart & Soul
Hypnosis For Conscious Awakenin

Where Can You Study With Ragini Michaels?

For 10 years, Ragini ran a private vocational school for NLP and Ericksonian-Style Hypnosis in the Pacific Northwest. During the next 10 years, she ran The Paradox Wisdom School.   With the help of her adventurous students, she honed and perfected her original work in Paradox Management & The Psychology Of The Mystics.

Character taking an online course with Ragini Michaels.During these 20 years, Ragini also taught NLP & Hypnosis Certification Training in America, Canada, India, and throughout Europe. She also spent considerable time in India, exploring meditation and ashram living, under the guidance of the enlightened mystic, Osho.

Ragini recently made her courses and in-depth NLP Coach Certification training, all available in one convenient On-Line location.

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Some Comments From Ragini Michaels’ Students

pic-puzzle-iconI did my first NLP training 25 years ago and Ragini Michaels was a brilliant and inspiring teacher. She supported my curiosity, and with humor and patience, answered all my questions. Her inspiration and support laid the foundation for my own teaching institute in Hamburg, Germany.”
— Prabodhi G. Mildenberg, ISNLP Hamburg

pic-puzzle-icon“I don’t know of anyone who can model what they teach more elegantly than Ragini. She brought NLP & the power of language alive for me.”
Ruth Gordon, Hypnotherapist & Political Activist, Washington

pic-puzzle-icon“I had the pleasure of studying Neuro-Lingusitic Programming with Ragini Michaels. She is truly a master of her craft. Ragini shares a wealth of information, while also making her classes fun. My work with Ragini has been life-changing and I will forever be thankful for her guidance. If you are considering studying with Ragini, by all means, do it!”
— Jean Hamilton, Founder/Principle of Speaking Results

pic-puzzle-icon“NLP is a fantastic tool. Simply put, it makes life more workable. And Ragini’s trainings are insightful, concise, and elegant. She is indeed a master trainer of the art and science of NLP.”
N.G., Certified Counselor

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