A Deeper Look At NLP

https://tohelpyouhelpothers.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/nlp-logo.jpgNLP is known for many things; the fast phobia cure, belief change, Time Line Techniques and much more. But, at the bottom line, NLP offers a unique perspective on personal growth and how to accelerate behavioral change. You learn to approach problems and the creation of their solutions from a unique angle.

If you’re a coach, hypnotherapist, counselor or consultant, you learn how to engage in seemingly mundane conversation that evokes behavior shifts, attitude changes, and limiting beliefs dissolving before your client’s eyes – almost like magic!

NLP introduces you to the structure of subjectivity and how to efficiently navigate its challenging twists and turns.

NLP honors our very human and heartfelt stories, but also gives you elegant tools to easily see through the story into how it’s being constructed; for in the world of NLP, structure is the culprit. The way we unconsciously structure our experience and code it into our neurology can free us from the past and open the future; or it can tenaciously hold our painful stories in place, rob us of choice, and interfere with our desire to explore possibilities presently seen as beyond our grasp.

NLP effectively demonstrates how the structure of our stories influence their emotional impact and thus, their grip on our behavior patterns and our lives.

As a professional therapist, counselor, coach, or hypnotherapist, this approach will open the door to a new kind of creative joy, and immediately reverse any signs of burnout that might have been emerging.

You discover how to support your client’s unconscious mind in reorganizing its experience of that painful story in ways that are unique, personally appropriate to your client, and usually quite different from the traditional.

Your deep understanding of the NLP body of knowledge frees the information to blossom into a rich, fragrant, colorful and harmonious map for evoking more efficient & effective behavioral change. In addition, it will accelerate your own personal transformation and insight into the puzzle of human consciousness, as well as increasing your clarity, confidence, and of course, competence.

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Your Trainer – Ragini Elizabeth Michaels – is a seasoned professional.

Today you have multiple opportunities to learn the art and science of NLP.  But why not have the advantage of learning from a seasoned and certified international trainer who was taught by the founders themselves?

• Certified in 1988 as a Trainer through the founding body, The Society of NLP,
• Certified in 1994 as a Member Fellow Trainer with the IANLP (International Association of NLP), one of under 10 trainers certified by this body in the United States
Certified in 2000 as Wellness Counselor, Life Coach, and Personal Development Consultant through The Women’s Leadership Institute For Conscious Coaching
Degree in Physiological Psychology through University of Washington, Seattle
An exquisite reputation world-wide for integrity, excellence, humor, and heart
Taught NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis in America, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, England, Scotland, and India
• Author of 4 books, 3 focused on the psychology of paradox
• Creator of  two critically acclaimed hypnosis/meditation series, each composed of four mp3’s, noted for their excellent use of hypnotic language patterns
30+ years of exploration and personal experience in meditation, contemplation, mystic psychology, and conscious living and dying.