Political Polarization Got You? What To Do To Find Your Balance Once Again

Do you know when political polarization takes you over? Are you aware how it feels in your body?  Is it possible you’re trying to get rid of a frightening dilemma by choosing one side of thetwo people walking in opposite directions due to political polarization political spectrum as better and more correct than the other side?

If so, these tips based on NLP and spiritual inquiry will help you return to a calmer and clearer space.  This potentially explosive time for politics, and the form of government in general, creates a powerful opportunity.  You have the chance to dramatically expand your awareness, presence, and consciousness moment to moment.

Embrace this tumultuous time and catapult your view of things to a new and more expanded perspective.  

What does this current circumstance of political polarization offer you besides angst, anger, and confusion?  It’s a great opportunity, if you wish it to be. Expand your desire to become more conscious into a daily, if not moment to moment, empowering practice.  Simply watching the news can create this circumstance for you.

The goal is three-fold:

      1. Being able to navigate the presence of such political turmoil with a new level of conscious awareness and calm.
      2. Allowing conscious awareness and calm to emerge from the perspective (viewpoint) that frees you to remain balanced.
      3. Embracing balance as the key that allows you to embrace and live the wisdom that being aware and present offer moment to moment.

Tip #1:

Our rush to polarization is natural. It happens in the blink of an eye.  It is an unconscious reaction.

two people gripped by political polarization fighting over whose in control of the steering wheelDon’t judge yourself.  In the midst of all the political polarization and rhetoric, you are automatically pulled to the position that matches your point of view. You want to honor your values. You want to take a stand FOR your values and AGAINST the opposing values. 

This is the unconscious natural reaction to opposing points of view. One MUST be right and the other wrong.

Yet, conscious awareness demands you remain calm and present to what is – in this instance –  two opposing viewpoints.

Remember that balance is the key – if not outwardly, then inwardly.  To evoke it, simply do the following: 

First, pay attention. Are you aware you’re getting unbalanced on the inside due to the apparent imbalance you’re viewing on the outside?

Tip #2:

The Larger Whole to which we ultimately belong, call it what you wish, demands balance.

This is unfortunately not negotiable. And, yes, it’s hard to accept that the strategy this larger Whole employs to restore balance is the continual arise and fall of opposing points of view.

a man standing at a crossroads aware of the need to choose a side but choosing to stand in the middle

Since balance is not a place, but a process constantly in motion, movement is always unfolding.  If you can’t go with ‘the flow’, things can get messy. You have to remember that balancing happens, for a moment, in the middle point, as the two opposing forces arise and pass away.

You may not like it, but if you can learn to accept this paradoxical phenomenon, political polarization can be an opening for greater consciousness and awareness to naturally arise.

So if greater consciousness is your goal, this tumultuous time is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Tip #3:

It is our job is to take charge of our viewpoint and move to a position where we can see the value of both sides –
as well as the weaknesses.

a man balancing two scales, one scale in each hand, having risen above his political polarization and become neutralIf you can accomplish this, even if only for a moment or two, you become free to rise to a higher, broader, and more aware point of view.  Why bother?

Being neither for nor against any extreme
offers more calm in the presence of the challenge.  

      • You have a clearer vision for a possible future.
      • There is an expansion of faith in the power of awareness and balance. 
      • The reality of a real Larger Whole becomes more verifiable as you perceive it’s orchestration of life’s movements to help you awaken to this new point of view.

Tip #4:

It is your job to bring yourself back to this neutral point where balancing is in motion.

a man balancing in the middle of a moving teeter totter demonstrating balancing in motionBut remember, this does not equal disengagement.  Finding the neutral space in your consciousness doesn’t mean you disengage or pretend you have no personal choice or stance. The presence of your own political polarization is evidence of your preference.

Your decision to live a more conscious and present life calls you to stay engaged. But this engagement is to unfold from a different state of consciousness just a breath away from any extreme point of view. 

I believe it was F. Scott Fitzgerald who said,

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time…”

If you’re feeling a bit lost these days, or upset that you’re getting as politically polarized as everyone else, give these steps a try.

To learn more details about how to do it, feel free to check out my book – Unflappable – 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered & Peaceful No Matter What, or learn about my on-line training The Mystic’s Wisdom: De-Coded.   Both programs, based in NLP and spiritual inquiry, offer support and guidance for how to depolarize your own mind when it carries you off to extremes.

May you find the balance you seek and enjoy the beginning delights of being happy, centered, and peaceful, no matter what.

Much love,



Based On Article Posted in March, 2016 at RaginiMichaels.com
Image with permission from  www.presentermedia.com

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