The Benefits Of NLP Training – Transform Possibility Into Probability

Why am I writing about the benefits of NLP training? I’ve been meeting lots of folks recently who are ready to offer a live or on-line program for something they love and want to share.  But in chatting with each one, I found the majority did not have any training in how to work with people A pile of books and the words Back To School to answer the question of whether to get more NLP training or help them move toward a certain goal.

I kept getting asked, “Do I need a certification? Do I have to become a student again?” Well, here are a few thoughts to consider.

NLP Training Beneficial To Your Coaching Success?
Yes! And No!

There are many reasons to forget about becoming certified.  If you’re looking at marketing yourself as a coach, there are currently no hoops you would have to jump through.  There are no legal requirements for taking on that title and throwing your hat in the ring.

However, coaching another human being so that they succeed in reaching their goal can be confusing and challenging.

Blue figure with 2 dialogue clouds coming out of his head as he contemplates the benefits of NLP training.A recent client who was offering a transformation group shared an upsetting experience. She said when she finished her guided visualization during one of the course meetings, a participant revealed that they couldn’t visualize.

The participant shared that she felt frustrated and felt bad because they couldn’t do what my client was asking them to do.  And, my point is this.

My client said she didn’t have a clue what to say or what to do next.

This is an excellent example of the kinds of experience a lack of training can produce. This, and so many other tools for communication and connection, are part of what you learn in NLP Coach Certification Training.

Certification Confers Credibility & Possibilities

More people than you think assume their coach must have some kind of training, or they wouldn’t be offering their services. So when they Google you, they’re looking for proof that you’ve completed some training program.  Thus, the upside of certification is that you’re automatically Image of lady holding a briefcase that has the word "skills" on it representing the benefits of NLP training..granted credibility.

Credentials often free clients from worrying about how long you’ve been in the business, or how good or not so good you might be. So it’s obvious that certification carries a lot of weight because it creates helpful assumptions that usually remain unchallenged.

But most important, certification gives you the actual skill development that most untrained coaches don’t have.  So it allows you to have the tools, and the skills to use them. Thus you’re able to give you and your business the great reputation you want to create.

Reputations are important because great reputations bring you new clients, repeat clients, and fabulous referrals.  And your skill is what makes this happen.

Are You Talking About Transformation? Or Delivering It? 

There are many benefits to NLP training. But one of the greatest is being able to deliver your client to what they know they need; whether they believe they don’t have it, can’t find it, or can’t reach it, even if they’ve experienced it before.

Secret #One:

Two figures where one is telling a secret to the other by whispering in their ear.Here’s one of the NLP secrets that can catapult your success rate.

You discover that when people are living in their ‘problem’, they’re unable to access, or often even recognize, what they need to transform the problem into its solution.

Problems & solutions range from the simple & ordinary to the more complex and sublime, and the utterly challenging. Here are a few examples of what I hear from clients:

      • I’m poor. I want to have money. To get it, I need confidence.
      • I don’t want to be fat. I want to be thin. To get there, I need discipline.
      • Unhappiness surrounds me like a cloud.  I want to be happy.  To get it, I need the ‘Truth’ that has the power to set me free.
      • I’m stressed out. I want to be at peace.  To get it, I need to find the peace that passes all understanding.
      • It seems I’m a real loser. I want to be successful. I haven’t a clue what I need to make things different.

Secret #2:

NLP teaches you how to not only help your client discover what they need (if they don’t know). A figure dressed in black trench coat with black hat and mask holding a manila envelope with the word TOP SECRET written across it.|

BUT … also how to deliver it to them when they’re IN the problem.

 Intellectual clarity about what you need
does not create the desired behavior change. 

NLP Coaching Tools Help You Deliver Your Promise Of Transformation.

            • Do for your clients what they can’t do for themselves.
            • Learn how to deliver the element they’ve identified as what they need.
            • Discover how to plop it right inside the problem, as they’re feeling it.

This delivery is what frees the transformation to occur. And the desired behavioral change to appear.

Every client knows the way to the transformation they desire.  

The benefits of NLP training include teaching you how to:

              • elicit this information
              • find the needed elements within the client
              • then deliver what they need (the catalyst) to the problem.

It is this delivery which frees the transformation being sought to so easily emerge.

What To Do Next?

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