Why Getting Started With NLP Today Means Greater Success Tomorrow

Why is getting started with NLP as soon as possible so important?  Because with NLP skills in your back pocket, you catapult yourself toward  a very high return on your investment.

And that results in a successful and long term coaching career.

The value of traditional coaching is obvious. Its continued popularity is proof enough. However, often times coaches report feeling they can’t go quite as far in helping their clients as they’d like.

One of my students who was already a traditionally trained coach, recently shared that her client wanted to experience warmth. But she confided to me that she didn’t think writing this on a piece of paper and putting it on the wall would do much to achieve the goal. Nor would affirmations, or creating a strategy to find it.  So this experience revealed a gap in her professional training.

And that triggered her getting started with NLP training.  When the power and perspectives of Neuro-Linguistic Programming enter the scene, you can count on more easily and quickly being free to save the day.

Getting Clear On What You Know & Don’t Know

As a traditionally trained coach, you become very skilled in the art of asking questions.  This is Figure standing on square one of getting started with NLP.essential in several ways.  Questions empower you to do 3 very important things:

      • Separate inquiry from giving advice
      • Discover the client’s goal or outcome
      • Uncover the strategies required to reach the goal

These are important and must be addressed for success.  However, more is often needed to actually move the client toward the desired goal.

I’m sad to say that intellectual clarity does not automatically breed behavioral change.  As a result, you can be crystal clear about what you want AND how to get it;  yet remain unable to actually reach your goal.

Knowing what you need to do, and being able to do it, are two distinct phases of reaching any desired outcome.

Only rarely is this situation the result of laziness or a lack of commitment.  More often than not, it is due to an objection or concern about actually reaching the desired outcome.  And for long term success as a coach, you must know how to identify these objections and how to address them.

NLP Loves Objections: They Are The
Gateway To Transformation

Objections become a problem for the coach when they are approached incorrectly.   So it is imperative that you can recognize these four components:

        1. There is an objection
        2. What the objection is
        3. How to find it
        4. How to successfully answer the objection so it’s no longer an issue

Getting started with NLP skills allows you to address objections easily and quickly.

Many coaches have an adverse reaction to objections. Why do they find them frustrating & often frightening?  Because they have not yet been trained in the above four aspects of making objections your friend and ally,

Getting started with NLP means you'll more quickly help your clients open these golden Transformation Here gates.

What actually stops a client from getting what they want?  If you think about it, it has to be something in the system of that person that is not on board with the new goal or outcome.

NLP Can Identify & Manage The Personal Eco-System

Here’s the key to getting really clear on this:

Every individual lives within
a personal ‘eco-system’ unique to them.Image of a floating city representing a personal eco system.


You understand the nature of environmental ecology, right?  So you know that when you change one thing, it can impact the entire eco-system.

Remember the old adage that a butterfly flapping its wings on the east coast causes a hurricane in China?

Well, personal ecology is just as delicate and responsive to change as the physical environment.

As a result, your client’s personal ecology must be recognized and maintained. And it must be gently brought on board in order for new desired behaviors and attitudes to become easy and natural.

The client’s entire system must agree that a new behavior is ecological, appropriate, and acceptable.

3 figures holding hands representing getting started with NLP together.All parts of the system must be in alignment with this new addition to the client’s behavioral repertoire. Or, the desired change cannot happen.

NLP gives you the tools & techniques to:

      • Uncover the unique eco-system of each client
      • Pin point the objection to shifting the existing balance so the new goal can be incorporated
      • Integrate the new outcome while maintaining the required balance for the entire ecological system

Time To Get Started With NLP?

As you know by now, I’m a skills junkie.  So if you want relatively easy long term success, you gotta have SKILL – especially when you step into the role of coach.

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Figure sitting on a red question mark wondering about getting started with NLP today.

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