Understanding The Enneagram Guarantees You’ll Be A Better Coach

Understanding the Enneagram adds more power to whatever kind of coach you may be, or wish to be. It also opens the door to greater personal happiness and contentment.

Having the Enneagram as one of your of core tools is immensely helpful to long term success. You’ll be able to assess your client’s core issues very quickly. And that means generating more return clients and even more fabulous referrals.

The Problem With A Private Coaching Business

As a solo-preneur, or owner of a small coaching business,  you soon discover:

      • What it takes to keep the business up and running and financially successfulSports Coach giving a time out signal to pause and reevaluate what understanding the Enneagram can do for your career.
      • How much hard work it takes to keep a steady stream of clients pouring in
      • The amount of time, energy, and money spent creating fresh marketing funnels that can prove their worth & effectiveness

I’ve found there is an easier way to create your success, both professionally and financially.  I’m not saying you won’t have to engage in these marketing activities.  They are part and parcel of survival in today’s marketplace economy.

BUT … there is another path to professional and financial success. And it’s a path you might want to consider traveling FIRST.

Before hopping on the marketing wagon (which you will have to do sooner or later), get the fundamental ingredients for a real and satisfying success as a premiere coach,no matter which kind you may wish to be.

The Solution To Your Coaching Success  

The more tools you have in your skill set, the higher the probability of your immediate success rate with clients.

And when your client views their time with you as a success,
that means return clients, great referrals,
and more financial stability.

So first, before anything else, invest your time, money and precious life energy in what will bring you the most long term return on your investment.

And in my experience, that is:


cartoon person jumping around trying to land on a moving target that represents the skills you want and can get with understanding the Enneagram.I want to help you generate that success as quickly as possible.  You don’t want to keep running around trying to figure out the best way to go.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just beginning your training, have been coaching for 1 to 3 years, or are a long time coach ready for more & newer tools.

Afraid of those times when you think you’re won’t be on target with your client’s desires?  Anxious you’ll do the wrong thing for the client who’s trusted you?  Just bored with what you know and want something new to play with?

Today, I want to share the value of understanding the Enneagram as a powerful adjunct to NLP.

These two models for happier and more stable living help you generate the success you desire more quickly than you might imagine possible.

Knowing Your Client’s Unconscious World View Is The Key

World view is actually the key to more efficiently and effectively helping your clients.

Understanding the Enneagram gives you insight into the client’s  unconscious view of the world and how it works. 

NLP gives you the tools to rearrange that world view, with the client’s permission, to include the new desired behavior as part of that world view.

Here are three of the main reasons embracing the Enneagram will make you a better coach.

    1. Creates immediate rapport – even though you and your client may be different Enneagram types.

When you have your clients complete an Enneagram test before you see them, you learn a lot about their world.

Being able to quickly identify the root of a client’s world view puts you miles ahead of coaches who don’t have this powerhouse tool in their repertoire.

The Enneagram test opens up a deeper level of insight into how we each view the world. It surpasses the traditional gathering of educational history, place of birth, position in the family, hobbies, career, marital status, and so forth.

2. Frees the client to immediately feel a sense of being understood – even though they don’t know why.

You come with an understanding of the client’s core motivation (from the Enneagram) plus the ability to immediately glean and step into the client’s world view (from NLP).

So, you enter the coaching scene with more insight into their world than the client could imagine.  And this amazing experience gives the client that sense of safety and being understood that causes them to return again and again – and sing your praises to everyone they know.

3. The Enneagram identifies and grants you immediate access to how they perceive themselves because of their ‘core wound’ – a particular  misunderstanding common to each Enneagram type.

The Enneagram helps you perceive recurring patterns at the root of how the client makes sense of the world.  This is powerful because it is a huge factor in helping the client’s discover their innate ability to create happiness or despair.Figure putting a key into a door that represents understanding the Enneagram. The door opens up into a staircase to money or financial success

If you haven’t already dived into NLP AND the Enneagram so that you’ve made them your own skill sets, I highly recommend you check them out.

This is an amazing and powerful combo that is pretty hard to beat.  Assure your financial success the easier way and discover how to make these powerful skill sets your own – Today!!

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