Your Personality Can Evolve & Help You Be Happier & More Successful!

      • Are you aware that your personality can evolve & help you be more successful?
      • To learn how, begin by taking an Enneagram test.
      • Using the Enneagram Test with your clients can profoundly impact your professional success by increasing the number of your return clients & referrals of high praise?
      • Are you aware that the personality, so unique to each person, also has a specific structure?
      • Would you like to know how to use that structure to help your clients (and yourself) reach those desired goals more quickly and efficiently?


In some way or another, the great minds of the past have consistently given us the same direction for happiness & mental emotional health:

“Know Thyself”

Well, as you most certainly know, that is not as easy to accomplish as it sounds!

The personality IS the primary culprit blocking access
to the guidance this wisdom offers.

So, it makes sense to know more about the personality in order to be aware of the specific roadblocks both you and your clients will encounter and need to break through.

The Enneagram test will allow you to do just that.


Transforming Resistance Into Reflection & Acceptance 

Here’s the key.

The strong resistance to altering the way a person thinks and behaves has a specific structure to it.

Once you know how to evolve the personality by tweaking it’s structure, you can more effectively and efficiently work within it and:

      • Increase flexibility of thought
      • Expand what is acceptable and not acceptable
      • Free a new level of willingness to explore and engage in new and more expansive behaviors.

Are you ever a bit shocked at how much resistance can arise when challenged with thinking and behaving differently?

Resistance is as natural to human beings as running downhill is to water.  And no one is immune to its presence.

Remember the last time someone filled up your dish washer for you and did it ‘wrong’? Or made the bed ‘badly’? Or left crumbs on the kitchen counter but unimaginably still called it ‘clean’?

Resistance to change is as natural for human beings as breathing. Yet … change is the fundamental nature of life. Hence, the challenge!!!


The Enneagram Test Reveals 9 Different Personality Structures

The Enneagram test offers insight into 9 different types, or structures, of personality & how to evolve them.. Each type is driven by a unique motivation and a unique belief system, as well as a concrete and fixed notion about who it is.

When a client asks for coaching, it’s a pretty good chance you’ll be working with the personality, sooner or later.

Knowing the structure of your client’s personality helps you navigate the twists and turns of their objections with greater ease, comfort, and success.

Two More Perks To Exploring The Enneagram Test

Taking the Enneagram Test yourself will increase awareness of your own personality structure.

This knowledge frees you to more easily be present and accepting of your client’s personality and how to work within it.

For those of you who draw a lot of spiritually oriented clients:

the Enneagram test also grants insight into how the personality can help or hinder the spiritual search for inner peace and happiness.

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