What Could NLP Possibly Have To Do With Spirituality?

Is there any connection between NLP & spiritual healing? Interesting question. Let’s say the answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

      • NLP has to do with the mind.
      • Spirituality has to do with something greater than the mind.
      • NLP is great at bridging the gap between problems and their solutions.
      • Spirituality offers a taste of what lies on the other side of the gap between being human and being divine.

If you believe we humans beings are also divine beings, a specific conundrum arises.

Whatever language a person uses to reference their religious or spiritual life, they are using words. NLP is the art of utilizing language to transform a perceived problem into its desired solution.

The ‘neuro’ part of Neuro-Linguistic Programming has the goal of accessing the brain’s neuroplasticity.   When directed to do so, the brain is capable of creating new neural pathways to carry the new perceptions your clients (or you) wants to have.

The Emergence Of Bewildering Advice

Being both human and divine generates some confusing and paradoxical guidelines.  You’ve heard them all. But you may not realize how they influence the way you live, make decisions, and try to resolve the hard challenges that keep arising in daily life.

Here are 3 of the most confusing sets of guidelines for being successful, happy AND peaceful:

Human Self:    Keep moving & go after what you want.
Divine Self:     Stay still & be grateful for what is.

Human Self:   Focus on the future & expect to get what you want
Divine Self:     Focus on the present & let things be as they are.

Human Self:   Heal your wounds from the past.
Divine Self:     You are perfect as you are. 

You can’t logically follow both guidelines at the same time because they are completely contradictory. So how do you decide which to follow? You really can’t, without lingering feelings of guilt, fear, or frustration.

So…your unconscious mind helps out & decides for you. But it’s hard to feel really great about the choice because you wanted to follow both pieces of advice

Unfortunately, your unconscious mind can only move you toward the one it’s been told is right. And that means, it will also automatically move you away from the one it’s been told is wrong. And it’s not designed to perceive them as equally important or correct.

What To Do When You’re Caught Between Two
Opposing Goals & You Desire Both

Become aware that the stress that goes with this kind of problem is due to you wanting to make the ‘right’ choice. But how will you know?  Investigate & check out what you think and feel:

        • Do you believe one is right and the other wrong?
        • Does one dimension seem irrelevant to your happiness?
        • Do you desperately feel yourself moving back & forth between the two without any reliable way to decide which to choose?
        • Do you find yourself second-guessing your decision again and again?
        • Do you choose one and then feel bad about not choosing the other?

Whatever you find, don’t judge it.  It’s totally normal & completely human!  But guess what?  Believe it or not, your biology is also playing an important role in creating this uncomfortable problem.

Stay tuned for Part Two of this post coming soon: 
NLP, Your Biology & Your Spiritual Quest

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Images from www.PresenterMedia.com – Excerpt from ‘Unflappable – 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered & Peaceful No Matter What’


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