Can You Move Time Around To Get Your Client Where They Want To Go?

Time’s a funny thing, isn’t it? Some days there’s not enough to get everything done. On other days, we have too much of it on our hands.

It can move terrifyingly fast – or excruciatingly slow. You can waste it, save it, or run out of it. And, it can even completely disappear freeing us to just enjoy ’what is’ without a glance toward the past or future.

When most clients enter my office, they aren’t really coming with a dream they want to manifest, a confusion they want to clarify, or a concrete goal they want to reach. I say this because they plop down on my big, comfy couch, reach for their glass of water, and start to talk about what’s wrong, painful, or just not working.

The Ever Present Element of Time

When we share our stories, the element of time is always present. The issues we want to discuss and change have actually happened somewhere in the past, or are living out there in a possible and usually terrifying potential future.

When you realize that nothing in your client’s mind exists outside of time, you’ve opened the door to a powerful addition to your professional tool bag.file0001133230199

Exploring problems, predicaments, and dilemmas from the angle of time offers an easy way to quickly help your clients find their own clarifications and solutions.

Anything arising in the mind is always about the past or the future. Even when we think we’re in the moment, the fact that we’re thinking indicates we’re not. Confusing? 

While you may actually know that the mind is always engaged in describing reality from some vantage point – not actually experiencing it – it’s not a piece of information that we often remember.

In other words, this information is rarely transformed into useful knowledge, and hardly ever into wisdom.

The mind weaves such powerful illusions that even the best of us tend to forget what’s really going on. We assume what our minds are showing us, telling us, and concluding about what’s going on is actually the truth.

So even though you probably have a tool bag pretty stuffed already, zooming in on the element of time can prove very useful. Why?

Time is fundamental to our stories, our conclusions about our stories, and how they affect our goals and dreams.

Becoming savvy in how to move your client around in time can produce what seems like miracles and magic.

A Client’s Awakening From The Past As His Present

Just yesterday I had a client I’d been working with for a few weeks. He came into the office and started his usual diatribe on how awful a person he is and his inability to fix his past. As I listened, I suddenly thought to ask him where his past was located.

file000175101895I asked him to point in the direction of where it was. He immediately put his hand on his heart and said, ‘It’s right here.’ Then I asked him to tell me where the future was and he waved his hand in a fan like motion in front of him.

Finally, I asked him to point out the present. It was amazing. He looked a little shocked and slowly said, “I don’t know. I don’t know where it is.”

Suddenly, I knew exactly what could get things moving in a new direction. He had to learn how to literally put his past behind him, where it actually belongs for all healthy and happy human beings.

I’m not talking about healing his past, or fixing it, or transcending it. I’m talking about where he is carrying it in his body and how it is coded in his brain.

We did a piece of work from NLP that helped him see his past was literally covering up his present. He could actually see it, for the first time, as obscuring any glimpse of a possibly happy and satisfied future.

This viewpoint allowed him to begin shifting the placement of his past from the heart and chest area to the space behind him.  He started to see it spread out from just behind his shoulders streaming backwards, like a deck of cards spread out one after the other in a long line.

He discovered he could reach back and pull up any event from the past that he wanted to look at, or heal, and then put it back where all past events belong – behind him. He learned he could find and keep the learnings from any past event. When that was done, he no longer had the need to stay focused on the event itself.

A Wise PeCartas de pokerrspective:
Past events that continue to haunt and stalk you, demanding your attention, are not free to leave you alone until they deliver all the learnings that event carried for you to gather

He was amazed, and disbelieving of his own experience. As painful events began to fade into the distance, he began to immediately feel more empowered and present.

He confirmed that his heart and chest area felt completely different. What had been right there was now beginning to spread out behind him. And a new sense of the present – the now – had started to emerge. How cool is that?

Freedom From Carrying The Past With You As A Burden You Have To Fix

It will take him a few days to adjust to this new configuration around the times of his life. But imagine how it would feel to no longer be burdened with a constant replay of emotionally painful events, accompanied by the belief that you have to ‘fix’ them before you can move on.

Without doing anything but shifting his relationship to time, an amazing transformation began and will complete itself in the right timing for his entire being.

In addition, knowing how to shift time around can open the door to moving forward – even though the past can still be rife with ‘unfixed’ problems.

The movement from self-improvement to ‘accepting who you are – flaws and everything’ – is a shift in perception that can move mountains.

And something as simple as shifting around where time is held in the body and how it is coded into the brain can make that happen.

Hand approaches hot burnerA Note of Caution:

If you decide to play around with this, be careful and do it slowly. Time and space are two constructs that hold our daily sense of reality in place. If there’s any dizziness or nausea or other ‘weird’ feelings, stop and put time back where it was. All this means is that there are some objections to making this time shift that have to be handled first.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, or questions. I’d love to hear from you.
Best to you,

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