How Many Shoes Can You Easily & Quickly Step Into?

Everyone knows people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The question is: “Do you have the flexibility to step inside their shoes and see the situation from their point of view?” I’m known to rant a bit about perceptual flexibility, and here’s the reason why.

After 30 + years of working with others, it became clear this skill was the key to truly helping others help themselves. When you can work from the others point of view, it makes everything you do with your client more efficient and ultimately, more effective and sustainable by them.

It takes a lot less time for you to meet your client where they live than it takes to convince your client to come to where you are.

Helping people shifts into an art form when you master the skill of helping your client discover on their own what they need to see or know or feel – without you telling them directly.

When you discover with your own eyes what you’ve been missing, it impacts much more than when you’re told about it by someone else. This approach invites learning at a much deeper level accompanied by a more rapid incorporation and integration.

3d human artist Leading your client to discover for themselves the root of the problem, the skewed perception, or faulty belief is the joy, challenge, and artistry of the job.

If you truly want to help your clients reshape their lives, become a linguistic and perceptual artist in your own right.  How?

Learn how to paint a quick sketch of your client’s perception of the world. Not only will you know how to quickly gain rapport, you will then have the map you need to lead them to the treasures hiding out within.

To learn more about how to do this, check out our One Day Skill-Set Trainings and our NLP Certification Training being offered later this year.

Meanwhile, may you discover the art of being happy and peaceful yourself – and enjoy it to the fullest.

image credit: http://www.123rf

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