Got A Great Model For Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being?

Ever wish you knew just a little bit more than you do?  Heard someone talking about something and had to pretend you were up on it?  Wished you had the time and energy to take on learning something new?  Felt a little like you’d fallen behind and might not ever catch up with the newest in your field?

If so, our Blog is for you.

The personal growth industry has become quite prolific in its offering of multiple ways to arrive at good mental health and emotional well-being.  There is so much, you can easily feel left behind and a bit confused about what might be best to explore. So how do you decide which offering is the most valuable?

The thing is – every model has something of value to offer – especially if you’re a coach, counselor, therapist, or hypnotherapist. The more models within your grasp, the greater probability you will have something that fits your client.

This is truly important, for it frees you from making the most common, and often the most hurtful, mistake of our profession: trying to fit your client into the one or two models you’ve chosen to learn – rather than finding the one that fits your client best.  And this can happen whether you’re just starting out, or the consummate, seasoned professional.

Our desire at To Help You Help Others is to expand your awareness of all the models in today’s marketplace for both mental health and emotional well-being.  We’ll show you how learning new ways of approaching old problems will not only refresh a possibly waning interest, but increase your success rate and the frequency of seeing your client’s eyes light up with delight and wonder at how they’ve reached their goal.

Here are just a few examples of things there is to learn:  Know How To:pic-context-content-user-660x450

• Shift resistance into a gateway of transformation?
• Utilize energy meridians to break up emotional congestion & release limiting beliefs?
• Elegantly work with the unconscious mind?
• Catapult a spiritual or religious belief system to one of the client’s greatest resources?
• Release  trauma with a simple protocol?
• Quickly dissolve difficult double binds where you can’t win, no matter your choice?
• Work with a client reality filled with supernatural interferences you don’t believe in?
• Break up patterns of seduction?
• Help your client find and fulfill their destiny if its something more spiritual than material?
• Position the role of manifestation in daily life?
• Consciously utilize time shifting to help your client meet their future faster?
• Help your client create new neural pathways for faster change and results?

These are just a few of the things we’ll be talking about in our Blog; tips and guidelines on all of these and more, including specific issues like weight, faith, manifestation, and so on. So if you’re in the field, or just want to learn more so you can personally grow and expand your own health and well-being, please sign up to receive notice of each new Post.   And feel free to leave your comments.  We’d love to hear from you.

Until We Meet Again, May You Be Happy & Free From Suffering,

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